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2020 AoM STR Assistant Program Chair PDW Program Message

  • 1.  2020 AoM STR Assistant Program Chair PDW Program Message

    Posted 20 days ago
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    Michael Leiblein, STR Assistant Program Chair

    It is difficult for me to recall a year when the distinctive contributions of the strategic management field have been more salient. The emergence of the coronavirus is leading many of us to alter our professional and personal activities. Whether it is thinking about new ways to collaborate with our research partners, how much effort to devote to new hybrid courses, or where to find staple items in the grocery store, we are forced to develop new theories to dictate how we will allocate our resources and coordinate our routines in this new environment.

    The coronavirus is also leading us to change the format for the 2020 STR Professional Development Workshop (PDW) program. Our program will continue to provide consortia and workshops to help us develop and update our theoretical and methodological expertise. We will also continue to deliver workshops to enhance and refine our teaching skills. However, this year, we will provide these sessions virtually. In an effort to maintain the richness of dialogue in our PDW sessions, the STR officers agreed to focus our efforts on developing synchronous PDW content. In an effort to maximize the dissemination of our content, we have shifted some of our content to the divisions STRonger Together Initiative.

    The AoM virtual STR PDW program will run on August 7 and 8 and be restricted to our flagship doctoral and dissertation consortia. Our co-chairs of the STR doctoral consortia, John Joseph (Irvine) and Isin Guler (UNC-Chapel Hill) and co-chairs of the STR dissertation consortia, Catie Magelssen (LBS) and Luis Ballesteros (George Washington) have adapted these consortia to be delivered via asynchronous and synchronous sessions at times that allow participation from faculty and students around the globe. Please review application deadlines on the STR listserv. If you have the opportunity, please thank our co-organizers and panelists for their extraordinary service.

    In an effort to ensure delivery of the broadest possible set of sessions, we provided organizers of the consortia and accepted PDW workshops opportunities to share their content in a series of STR division sponsored activities held this summer. At present we have commitments from organizers of several workshops that would have been included in the regular PDW program to present sessions under the banner of the divisions "STRonger Together" initiative. The PDWs that will be part of this effort include: 1) Organization Design: From Finding Ideas to Publishing Papers (July 15), 2) Corporate Strategy Issues in Platform-Based Business Models (July 16), 3) Formal Modeling in Management Research (July 20), and 4) Competitive Advantage and Uneven Playing Fields in the World of AI and Ecosystems (July 23). In addition, we will also be offering several classic workshops including 5) Fostering Global Publications (July 24), 6) a Teaching Workshop (TBA), and 7) the Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop (Aug., 5 & 6). Other online research and teaching workshops are under development. A tentative schedule for these events is included at the end of this message. Please be on the lookout for additional information on these programs (and application for the workshops) on the STR listserv.

    Let me close this message by thanking all the PDW and consortia organizers and committed panelists who submitted their ideas to this years PDW program. Please let me also offer a special thanks to STR EC members Denisa Mindruta (HEC) and Felipe Csaszar (Michigan) who offered support with our conference award process.

    Tentative Schedule of STRonger Together Virtual PDWs



    Event (all times in EDT)




    10am - 12pm Virtual PDW: Organization Design: From Finding Ideas to Publishing Papers. Organizers: Daniel Albert (Drexel U), Jaeho Choi (U of Pennsylvania), John Eklund (U of Southern California), Saerom Lee (U of Pennsylvania). Panelists: J.P. Eggers (New York U), John Eklund (U of Southern California), Vibha Gaba (INSEAD), Daniel Keum (Columbia U), Yue Maggie Zhou (U of Michigan)

    PDW Link
    July 15



    1pm-4pm Virtual PDW: Corporate Strategy Issues in Platform-Based Business Models Organizer: Richard Makadok (Purdue U) Keynote Speakers: Anparasan Mahalingam (Purdue U), Brian Wu (U of Michigan), Feng Zhu (Harvard U). Panelists: Ron Adner (Dartmouth), David Collis (Harvard U), Claudine Gartenberg (U of Pennsylvania), Aseem Kaul (U of Minnesota), Todd Zenger (U of Utah)

    PDW Link
    July 16



    1pm-3pm Virtual PDW: Formal Modeling in Management Research. Organizers: Elena Plaksenkova (Ohio State U), Liyue Yan (U of Maryland). Panelists: Aseem Kaul (U of Minnesota), Leonardo Kluppel (Ohio State U), Jiao Luo (U of Minnesota), Hong Luo (Harvard U), Richard Makadok (Purdue U), Elena Plaksenkova (Ohio State U), David Gaddis Ross (U of Florida), Feng Zhu (Harvard U)

    PDW Link
    July 20



    Virtual PDW: Teaching Workshop. Organizers: Giada Di Stefano (Bocconi U), Peter Murmann (U of St.Gallen), Pinar Ozcan (U of Oxford),  Ithai Stern (INSEAD). Panelists: Chris Bingham (U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Glenn Hoetker (Melbourne Business School), Anu Wadhwa (Imperial College).

    PDW Link July 21



    10:30am-1pm: Virtual PDW: Competitive Advantage and Uneven Playing Fields in the World of AI and Ecosystems. Organizers: Michael Jacobides (LBS), Annabelle Gawer (U of Surrey). Panelists: Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston U), Carliss Baldwin (Harvard U), Martin Creaner (Centernode Ltd), Collen Cunningham (LBS), Ioannis Lianos (UC London), Martin Reeves (BCG), Feng Zhu (Harvard U).

    PDW Link
    July 23



    9am-11:30am Virtual PDW: Fostering Publications from Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals. Organizers: Obi Damoah (U of Ghana), Remzi Gozubuyuk (Sabanci U), Michael Leatherbee (Pontificia U Catolica de Chile),  Carlos Rodriguez (INCAE Business School), Ralf Wilden (Macquarie U). Panelists (Editors Panel): Ilya Cuypers (Singapore Management U), Caroline Flammer (Boston U), Samina Karim (Northeastern U), Jorge Walter (George Washington U). Panelists (Global Scholar Panel): Timothy Devinney (U of Manchester), Yuliya Snihur (Toulouse Business School), Roberto Vassolo (Austral U), Ralf Wilden (Macquarie U)

    PDW Link
    July 24

    Weds & Thurs

    8/5/2020 - 8/6/2020

    Virtual PDW: Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop. Organizers: Nilanjana Dutt (Bocconi U), Hong Luo (Harvard U), Exequiel Hernandez (U of Pennsylvania), or Aharon Cohen Mohliver (London Business School). Faculty Mentors: Anne Bowers (U of Toronto), Forrest Briscoe (Penn State U), Felipe Csaszar (U of Michigan), Waverly Ding (U of Maryland), Karin Hoisl (Mannheim), Sarah Kaplan (U of Toronto), Balázs Kovács (Yale U), Thorbjørn Knudsen (U of Southern Denmark), Dovev Lavie (Bocconi U), Yuri Mishina (Imperial College London), Henry Sauerman (ESMT Berlin), Andrew Shipilov (INSEAD), David Tan (U of Washington), Charlie Williams (Bocconi U), and Lori Yue (U of Southern California).

    PDW Link
    Aug 5-6


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