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Symposium "Intuition in Organizations Session 1100

  • 1.  Symposium "Intuition in Organizations Session 1100

    Posted 08-07-2020 07:33


    Dear colleagues 


    If you plan to attend the Academy of Management online meeting this month, we invite you to attend virtually our symposium that will be available for viewing from August 7 - August 31. 


    Symposium "Intuition in Organizations: New Directions in Intuition Research" (session 1100) showcases 6 pre-recorded presentations, introduced in our brief overview video: 


    1. M. Grant, F. Nilsson & A. Nordvall – Intuition and the Role of Context 
    2. C. Akinci – Intuitive Judgment and Decision Making in Front Line Policing  
    3. X. (R.) Wang – Intuition as Part of Unthematic Knowledge: Case Studies from Chinese Aerospace Industry 
    4. V. Dörfler & A. Bas – Tools for Exploring the Unknowable: Intuition vs. Artificial Intelligence 
    5. N. Yeung & M. Sinclair – Intuition and Felt Sense: What is the Difference? 
    6. S. Ferreira Dias, E. S. Iizuka & M. Sinclair – Theoretical Advancement in the Field of Intuition: Dialogue with Prolific Researchers 

    We are looking forward to your comments in the chat room. For further questions, feel free to get in touch with us directly, 

    Marta Sinclair and Cinla Akinci, co-organizers 

    Nicole Yeung
    Griffith Business School, Griffith U.