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BAIC Webinar Series: Russ Coff, 25 June 2020

  • 1.  BAIC Webinar Series: Russ Coff, 25 June 2020

    Posted 27 days ago
    We are delighted to invite you to our forthcoming event in the Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (BAIC) Webinar Series on Thursday 25 June at 4pm (CEST)/10am (EDT).

    Professor Russ Coff will be presenting his research, "Hiring and Collaboration to Create Knowledge: Antecedents of Post-Mobility Knowledge Recombination", co-authored with Duy Tuan Ngo and Yea Hee Ko. Russ's bio and webinar abstract are detailed below.

    To receive an invitation link to this webinar please RSVP.

    Speaker Bio

    Russell Coff is the Thomas J. Falk Distinguished Chair in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also the Department Chair for Management and Human Resources and the Academic Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration.

    Professor Coff's research explores the role of human assets in innovation, creativity, and, ultimately in competitive advantage. For example, he studies management dilemmas associated with human capital including: 1) the management of strategic investments in knowledge-based assets under great uncertainty 2) appropriating value (rent) from competitive advantages, 3) creativity & innovation under conditions of asymmetric information and uncertainty, and 4) how buyers cope in mergers and acquisitions that involve human assets

    Webinar Abstract

    Contributing to the knowledge creation literature, this study examines antecedents of new post-mobility collaboration between new hires and incumbents at the hiring organization. While prior work highlights potential benefits of hiring on organizational learning, individual knowledge can be hard to transfer, integrate, and recombine. Knowledge creation may not materialize without substantial voluntary collaboration. Our integrated model helps to explain how new collaboration emerges when: 1) Opportunities to recombine are present (knowledge complementarities), 2) Motivated employees seek to work together (collaboration incentives an­­d norms), 3) Awareness of opportunities is high (pre-mobility social ties), and 4) Capability to collaborate is high (team skills). Our analysis of 14 years of data from the Academy of Management conference offers evidence for each of these factors in predicting post-mobility collaboration. We identify numerous opportunities for subsequent exploration.


    We hope you can join us for this and other seminar in this series. Further details are available on the website.

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