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How do you find literature on a topic?

  • 1.  How do you find literature on a topic?

    Posted 23 days ago

    Dear Strategy Researchers:


    I am emailing to determine how researchers find articles (literature) on a topic. (I would then see whether I can automate the search and download.) Please consider answering the questions below. I will use your answers, create a video on the various methods, and make that video available to everyone.


    To search for and download articles on a topic:


    1.               Do you use a website? If yes, name or weblink, please (e.g., https://scholar.google.com/#d=gs_asd)?


    2.               Do you use a database within this website (e.g., Business Source Complete database within ebscohost.com provided by your school/university library)?


    3.               What search field(s) do you find useful (e.g., "Author Keywords" in WebofKnowledge.com)?


    4.               If you have found a neat method that improves your search results, please specify the method (e.g., using "Author-Supplied Keywords" offers a structured method).


    5.               If you have found a method that provides inaccurate search results, please specify the method. For example, although one sets "Return articles published in" to "Journal of Management," the results include articles published in "*Journal of Management*."


    Thank you!

    Vivek Astvansh

    Assistant Professor of Marketing,

    Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

    http://kelleyschool.iu.edu/astvansh | +1 (812) 855-8953