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PDW - Esports: A Natural Laboratory for Management Research? - Session #324 - August 10 2020 - 2:00PM-4:00PM ET

  • 1.  PDW - Esports: A Natural Laboratory for Management Research? - Session #324 - August 10 2020 - 2:00PM-4:00PM ET

    Posted 08-07-2020 07:33
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    The inaugural AOM PDW "Esports: A Natural Laboratory for Management Research?" (virtual session # 324, original session #12283) will take place on Monday, August 10 2020 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM ET (New York time). 
    The PDW will be a live virtual session in two parts. All AOM attendees are welcome to attend Part I. Please, download here https://bit.ly/esportsPDW the call for submissions with specific details on the requirements for prospective attendees that wish to attend the workshop in Part II.
    • Part I — open to all attendees — will provide a short introduction to the PDW and will feature short presentations by leading scholars in the field offering examples of macro and micro perspectives leveraging esports data to answer topical questions at the intersection of sociology, economics, and psychology. This part will also illustrate specific empirical challenges and opportunities in the use of esports data in management research.
    • Part II — by invitation — will be a hands-on workshop, where selected applicants will interact in small-group virtual roundtables to develop research designs leveraging esports data. Research proposals will be selected and shared for pre-reading among group members with similar interests in advance of the PDW. The discussion at each roundtable will thus initially center around a set of provisional topics based on attendees’ research expertise and interests. Scholars at different stages of their careers and from different disciplinary and demographic backgrounds will benefit from this format, since they will have the opportunity to interact in the more intimate and friendly environment of a roundtable. A short plenary discussion will conclude the PDW, reflecting on the specific ideas emerged and opportunities for future research. For Part II prospective participants are requested to submit a proposal for review by August 05, 2020 to esportspdw@gmail.com (see submission requirements here https://bit.ly/esportsPDW). 
    All AOM attendees are welcome to attend Part I. An application is NOT required for participation in Part I.

    Enrico Forti, University College London
    Julien Clement, Stanford University

    Confirmed Participants

    Julien Clement, Stanford University
    Enrico Forti, University College London
    Sandra Matz, Columbia University
    David Waguespack, University of Maryland
    Kenny Ching, Worcester Polytechnic Institute