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Call for papers: EGOS 2021 sub-theme on moral markets

  • 1.  Call for papers: EGOS 2021 sub-theme on moral markets

    Posted 7 days ago

    Dear all,


    We are happy to announce the sub-theme on Moral markets: Actors, meanings, and institutions, at the 2021 EGOS Colloquium, currently scheduled for July 8 – 10, 2021 in Amsterdam.


    This sub-theme invites working papers that provide insights on moral markets such as fair trade goods, socially responsible investment, organic products, renewable energy, and plant-based meat alternatives, among others. Because moral markets have the potential to address societal challenges such as inequality, climate change, or poor working conditions, it is paramount to understand the actors, meanings, and institutions that support moral markets. Potential topics and questions that papers may address include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • What role does motivation play in moral markets? Does the presence of actors with different motives (e.g., ideological vs. profit-seeking) help or hinder the development of moral markets?

    • Do the competitive dynamics that underlie these sectors differ from those of conventional markets?

    • What are the sources of meaning within moral markets, and what drives variation in how these markets are perceived by external audiences?

    • What is the role of identity, power, and conflict in these settings?

    • How do moral market entrepreneurs navigate extant institutional configurations, and how do they deal with competing institutional logics?

    • What are the challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs associated with the mainstreaming of moral markets?

    • How are the values of social movements maintained as moral markets become established and scale via the entry, for example, of large, established incumbents?

    • What enabling conditions allow moral markets to diffuse across national contexts, and what are the circumstances that inhibit diffusion?

    • How do moral markets and the institutions that support them (co-)evolve over time?

    • How do moral markets spawn new social movement activism or give rise to new kinds of moral markets or moral market segments?

    The full call papers can be found here: EGOS - Sub-themes: Call for Short Papers - European Group for Organizational Studies


    The deadline for submitting an extended abstract is Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 23:59:59 CET.


    Best regards,

    The sub-them convenors
    Panikos Georgallis, Brandon Lee & Michael Lounsbury

    Panikos Georgallis |Assistant Professor | International Management & Strategy | Amsterdam Business School | University of Amsterdam | M.217 Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam | +31 20525 4287 | p.georgallis@uva.nl | https://twitter.com/panikosgeor