Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation

Marco Testoni (Tilburg U.; PhD UCLA)
Essays on the geographical, product, and technological dimensions of the market for corporate control
Advisor: Marvin Lieberman

Julien Clément (Stanford U.; PhD INSEAD)
Rediscovering the Link between Formal and Informal Structure: A Micro-Analytic Approach
Advisors: Phanish Puranam & Andrew Shipilov

Sruthi Thatchenkery (U. College London; Ph.D., Stanford);
Competitive Intelligence: Drivers and Consequences of Executives’ Attention to Competitors in Enterprise Software
Advisor: Riitta Katila

Abhishek Nagaraj (UC-Berkeley; Ph.D., MIT):  “Essays on the Impact of Digital Information on Innovation”
Advisor: Scott Stern (MIT)

Ulya Tsolmon (Washington U. in St. Louis; Ph.D., Duke U.) : “Gaining Competitive Advantage from Human Capital: Role of Markets and Firm Structure.”
Advisor: Will Mitchell

Johan Chu (U. of Chicago) (Ph.D., U. of Michigan): “Durable Dominance.”
Advisor: Gerald F. Davis

Christian Catalini (MIT; Ph.D., U. of Toronto): “Three essays on the impact of geographic and social proximity on Innovation.”
Advisor: Ajay Agarwal

Ken Younge (Purdue U.; Ph.D. U. of Colorado) for “Employee Mobility and the Appropriation of Value from Knowledge: Evidence from Three Essays.”
Advisor: Tony Tong.

Tomasz Obloj (HEC Paris; Ph.D. INSEAD) for “Incentive Life-Cycles: The Role of Learning, Ability, and Cognitive Biases in the Division of Value between Firms.”
Advisor: Peter Zemsky.

Martin Ganco (U. of Minnesota; Ph.D. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign) for “The Effect of Technological Complexity on Innovation Performance, Employee Entrepreneurship and Mobility: Three Essays.”
Advisor: Rajshree Agarwal

Chuck Eesley (Stanford U.; Ph.D. MIT) for “Essays on Institutions and Pre-founding Experience: Effects for Technology-Based Entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China.”
Advisor: Edward (Ed) Roberts


Mario Schijven (Texas A&M U.; Ph.D. Tilburg) for: “Acquisition Capability Development: Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Perspectives.”
Advisors: Harry Barkema and Xavier Martin


Olivier Chatain (U. of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. INSEAD): Capturing Value from Client Relationships: Theory and Evidence.
Advisor: Peter Zemsky