• AOM 2020 STR LIVE/Synchronous Program

    Hello STR Members,

    The 2020 Virtual AOM Annual Meeting runs from Friday, August 7th to Tuesday, August 11th this year and  I am looking forward to seeing many of you in the live sessions.  As STR Program Chair for the 2020 conference, I wanted to offer some summary information about the virtual STR offerings and also provide some suggestions to help you search through the AOM online program and find additional support. 

    This year's AOM virtual conference offers live/synchronous events and pre-recorded/asynchronous events.  The STR officers decided that it made the most sense to limit the live STR offerings to the top rated papers and symposia, in addition to offering the plenary, the dissertation finalist presentations and some form of the business meeting.  We are also offering three social events across Monday and Tuesday during times that will be evening hours in either the US, Europe or Asia.  I have attached a summary of the live/synchronous events (with all times in the EDT). 

    All pre-recorded/asynchronous sessions are offered on demand.  There is a discussion chat/feed that can be used anytime/anywhere because it is not live.  All of these asynchronous sessions will be available to registrants until October 31, 2020.    

    You need to register to be able to attend live sessions.  AOM sends all registrants an email with an authorization link to be able to join live sessions.  AOM has recommended that you download Zoom because you will need the application to participate (and they suggest you use Google Chrome).  If you want to attend a session, you need to add yourself by clicking the + (plus) button on the session on the online schedule.   There is a search function that appears on the right side of your screen that helps you find sessions once you are in the schedule.  I think it helps to slide the button to "any" term must match and I have had more luck searching with words or session numbers in the "name" filter.  There is also an option to have synchronous or asynchronous filters in this search.  (The system has seemed slow this week but we will see what the weekend brings.)    

    If you have questions, AOM has put some responses to FAQs for the 2020 AOM Virtual Conference on their website: .  There is also an option to contact AOM to submit a ticket with a specific question on that website.  I have been told that the email can be used to ask technical questions. 

    I am sorry we won't meet in person in Vancouver this year, but I am excited to catch up with colleagues and friends in this virtual setting. 


    Heather Berry
    George Washington University
    Program Chair, STR Division