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Global Outlook of Indian Industries @75
0 10 hours ago by Surender Munjal
ICC SI – The Power of Modularity Today: 20 Years of "Design Rules”
0 10 hours ago by Joachim Henkel
Faculty Position in Technology-based Entrepreneurship and Innovation
0 10 hours ago by Michael Leatherbee
Looking for an online MBA adjunct in Strategy
0 10 hours ago by Nicolas Dahan
STR Virtual Gadget: STR-themed backgrounds
0 16 hours ago by Paolo Aversa
Presenter Symposium "Navigating Creative Destructions" (session 345)
0 yesterday by Aldona Kapacinskaite
TIM workshop August 13th: Emerging Economy Innovation
0 yesterday by Elisa Operti
Research Grant in Technological Innovation and Organizational Change
0 yesterday by Salvatore Torrisi
Post-Doctoral Researcher Positions at Aalto University, Finland
0 yesterday by Markku Maula
IM Global Podcast - Episode 2 - Qualitative Research in IM with Professors Rebecca Piekkari and Hyun-Jung Lee
0 yesterday by Luiz Kabbach De Castro
SSE House of Innovation Tenure Track positions -- upcoming informal interviews
0 yesterday by Holmer Kok
Breakthroughs in science and innovation management
0 yesterday by Henry Sauermann
0 yesterday by Sophie Bacq
2020 ORLANDO International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Finance, and Accounting
0 yesterday by Detelin Elenkov
[CfP] JWB SI - MNEs and exogenous shocks: Learning from pandemics and other major disruptions
0 yesterday by Chang Hoon Oh
New Routledge Research Companion: Call for Chapter Contributions
0 yesterday by Joan Marques
Faculty Position in Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
0 yesterday by Henry Sauermann
AOM virtual conference is starting now-don't miss out!
0 yesterday by Herman Aguinis
You are invited to attend AOM PDW #14139 - Exploring Responsible Innovation with Philosophical Methods
0 yesterday by Cristina Neesham
AOM PDW on Trust (live online): Tue, Aug 11, 7-9PM EDT
0 yesterday by Oliver Schilke
2020 AOM Virtual Annual Meeting (Aug 7 - 11): IM Division Main Program & PDW Program Highlights
0 yesterday by Chei Hwee Chua
Fun interview of Alfonso Gambardella
0 yesterday by Richard Makadok
STR/ENT/TIM Showcase Symposium (Synchronous Panel Symposium)—Bridging the Gap between Market and Nonmarket Strategy: Entrepreneurship and Nonmarket Strategy (#11781)
0 yesterday by Jin Hyung Kim
Symposium "Intuition in Organizations Session 1100
0 yesterday by Nicole Yeung
Open-rank Faculty Positions in Business Analytics and Financial Technology - Asia School of Business, established in collaboration with MIT Sloan
0 yesterday by Ambra Mazzelli
Indian School of Business: Open Rank Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Positions – Strategy (OT/ENT/IB)
0 yesterday by Siddharth Sharma
Invitation to AAT PDW "It's Not Just You! Let's Have an Honest Conversation about Failure"
0 yesterday by Maria Rita Micheli
AOM Symposium (Live Online): Information Disclosure in Strategic Management (session 326)
0 yesterday by Eric Lee
Getting beyond relatedness as a driver of corporate value
0 yesterday by Arkadiy Sakhartov
New Book Announcement: Teaching Strategic Management: A Hands-on Guide to Teaching Success
0 yesterday by Sabine Baumann
Call for Papers - Journal of Management Studies - Special Issue
0 yesterday by Fabrice Lumineau
IM/STR/OMT Showcase Symposium (Synchronous Presenter Symposium)-Reviving the Liability of Foreignness: Why the Liability of Foreignness Research Matters in the Semi-globalized Era (#11782)
0 yesterday by Jin Hyung Kim
Social Impact PDW
0 yesterday by Gorgi Krlev
PDW - Esports: A Natural Laboratory for Management Research? - Session #324 - August 10 2020 - 2:00PM-4:00PM ET
0 yesterday by Julien Clement
AAT Real Time Symposium: Broadening our Views of Corporate Social Impact (08/08, 19:00 ET)
0 yesterday by Aseem Kaul
Unsung Papers: Ideas that Got Away and Reflections from Their Authors PDW
0 yesterday by Diana Jue-Rajasingh
Publishing panel – AMLE issue on Scholarly Impact Sess. 398 Tues. 11:30 am
0 yesterday by Usha Haley
[PDW Session #134 Diamonds in the Rough] "Job Market Realities: Opportunity and Equality in Academia"
0 yesterday by Ji Woon Ryu
HKU full rank openings
0 yesterday by Yi Tang
Chair Professor/Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
0 yesterday by Jialing Xiao
EPFL - Open Position (all ranks): Strategy & TechMgmt
0 yesterday by Marc Gruber
Invitation to Two Live All Academy Symposia on Broadening Our Sight
0 yesterday by Sandra Waddock
Necessary Condition Analysis PDW
0 yesterday by Stefan Breet
Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Management at Texas A&M University
0 yesterday by Cynthia Devers
Standardisation and Innovation in ICT - Six Online-Panels
0 yesterday by Kai Jakobs
Position Announcement -- Assistant Director of the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University
0 yesterday by Tim Holcomb
Open Access to the Strategic Management Review
0 yesterday by Michael Leiblein
Multiple full-time positions (all levels) in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, OB, OT, and IS – NEOMA Business School
0 yesterday by Fabio Fonti
AOM 2020 STR LIVE/Synchronous Program
0 2 days ago by Paolo Aversa
AOM PDW (live online): USING SPORT DATA TO ADVANCE MANAGEMENT THEORY - submission deadline Aug 3rd
0 8 days ago by Paolo Aversa