Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award

2023 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Leandro Pongeluppe Wharton (PhD Toronto U)

How Approaches to Value Creation, Appropriation, and Distribution by Private-Sector Organizations Address the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals


Other Finalists

lNianchen Han, Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University. (PhD: University of Colorado, Boulder) Dissertation Chair: Tony W. Tong

How Value Appropriation Concerns Affect Knowledge Development Decisions: Evidence from Three Innovation Contexts

Hyoju Jeong, Visiting Assistant Professor at Tulane University
(PhD University of Minnesota). Dissertation Co-Chairs: Aseem Kaul and Jiao Luo.

Understanding Digital Inequality and the Role of Cooperatives

Leandro Pongeluppe, Assistant Professor at Wharton. (PhD: University of Toronto). Dissertation Chair: Anita McGahan

How Approaches to Value Creation, Appropriation, and Distribution by Private-Sector Organizations Address the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals


Silvia Sinasi, Postdoctoral Researcher at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (PhD: Politecnico di Milano). Dissertation Chair: Antonio Ghezzi.

Business Model Experimentation: A Scientific Approach to Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Jungkyu Suh, Assistant Professor at Stern, NYU (PhD: Duke University) Dissertation Co-Chairs: Ashish Arora and Sharon Belenzon.

Essays on Science and Innovation

2022 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Anparasan Mahalingam Syracuse University (PhD Purdue U). Co-Advisors: Richard Makadok & Tony Tong.

Corporate Strategies of Digital Organizations

Other Finalists

Agnes Guenther, Postdoctoral Fellow U. of Utah. (PhD: Copenhagen Business School) Primary Supervisor: Hans Christian (HC) Kongsted
Essays on Firm Strategy and Human Capital

Aldona Kapačinskaitė, Bocconi U. (PhD London Business School). Advisor: Sendil Ethiraj.

Essays on Environmental Change and Innovation Strategy

Daniel B. Sandsr, University College London (PhD: NYU). Advisor: Gino Cattani

Strategy, Evaluation, and Valuation in Markets: The role of third parties in the creation and capture of value

Christopher Sabel, U. of Münster (PhD BI Norwegian Business School). Advisor: Pengfei Wang.

Spinouts, Sharks, and Geneology: Established firms as resource acquisition channel for startups

2021 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Arianna Marchetti London Business School (PhD INSEAD). Advisor: Phanish Puranam and Ithai Stern

Organizational Culture and Firm Performance

Other Finalists

Stephen Downing, U of Missouri (PhD National Chiao Tung U.). Advisor: Jin-Su Kang 

Competitive Myopia:  Redressing Blind Spots in Interindustry Competition

Harshvardan Ketkar, Bocconi (PhD: U of Michigan). Advisors: Seth Carnahan and Felipe Csaszar

Essays on Organizing Human Capital, Automation and Innovation

Hyunjin Kim, INSEAD (PhD Harvard). Advisor: Dennis Yao

Field Experiments on the Barriers Firms Face in Realizing Gains From Data

Almantas Palubinskas Emlyon Business School (PhD: Syracuse U). Advisor: Maria Minniti 

Entrepreneurial Firms and Nonmarket Strategy:  Lessons from the Drone Industry

2020 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Marco Testoni, Tilburg U.; (PhD U. of California, Los Angeles). Advisor: Marvin Lieberman
Essays on the geographical, product, and technological dimensions of the market for corporate control

Other Finalists

Ankur Chavda (HEC Paris; PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Advisor: Scott Stern)
Essays on the production of innovation

Andrea Contigiani (Ohio State U.; PhD U. of Pennsylvania; Advisors: Dan Levinthal & David Hsu)
Experimentation in early stage ventures

Trey Cummings (Johns Hopkins U.; PhD Washington U. in St. Louis; Advisor: Anne Marie Knott)
Microfoundations of innovation in organizations

Daniel J. Kim (U. of Pennsylvania; PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Advisor: Pierre Azoulay)
Entrepreneurial organization and human capital

2019 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Julien Clément Stanford U. (PhD, INSEAD); Advisors: Phanish Puranam & Andrew Shipilov
Rediscovering the Link between Formal and Informal Structure: A Micro-Analytic Approach

Other Finalists

Kiran Awate, Virginia Tech U. (PhD Ohio State U.); Advisor: Mona Makhija)
Essays on Learning from Failure While Pursuing Novel Innovation

Kubilay Cirik, Louisiana State U. (PhD Purdue U.); Advisor: Richard Makadok
Three Essays on Entry Timing

Phebo D. Wibbens, INSEAD (PhD U. of Pennsylvania); Advisors: Nicolaj Siggelkow & Daniel Levinthal
Exploring the Multi-Trillion Dollar Question: How Resource Dynamics Shape Long-Term Profit Patterns

Victoria Sevcenko, INSEAD (PhD London Business School); Advisor: Sendil Ethiraj        
Essays on Value Creation and Appropriation from Human Capital

Casidhe Troyer, London Business School,(PhD U. of Michigan); Advisor: Gautam Ahuja
Technology Adoption and Human Capital Integration

2018 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Sruthi Thatchenkery, (U. College London; PhD Stanford U.; Advisor: Riitta Katila)
Competitive intelligence: Drivers and consequences of executives’ attention to competitors in enterprise software


Other Finalists

Colleen Cunningham, London Business School; (PhD Duke U.); Advisor: Ashish Arora
The management, organization, and geography of novel innovation

Jin Hyung Kim, George Washington U. (PhD Harvard U.); Advisors: Jordan Siegel & Dennis Yao
Essays on nonmarket strategy

Yong Kim, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology (PhD U. of Michigan); Advisor: Jerry Davis
Global supply chain dynamics in the mobile handset industry

Cameron Miller, Syracuse U. (PhD U. of Minnesota); Advisors: Myles Shaver & PK Toh
Value creation, appropriation, and product design strategies in technology ecosystems: Three Essays on the role of complementary technologies

Koen van den Oever, BDO and Tilburg U. (PhD Tilburg U.); Advisors: Nufer Ates & Xavier Martin
Uncharted waters: A behavioral approach to when, why and which organizational changes are adopted

2017 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Abhishek Nagaraj, U. of California, Berkeley; (PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Advisor: Scott Stern
Essays on the Impact of Digital Information on Innovation

Other Finalists

Sandra Barbosu, U. of Toronto (PhD U. of Toronto); Advisor: Michael Ryall
The Effects of Latent Categories on Product Performance: Discovery, Identification and Firm Strategy in the Context of the Motion Picture Industry

Derek Harmon, U. of Michigan (PhD U. of Southern California); Advisor: Peer Fiss
The Structure of Strategic Communication: Theory, Measurement, and Effect  

Alex Wilson, U. of Minnesota (PhD Duke U.); Advisor: Wes Cohen
Behavioral Perspectives on Organizational Change: Practice Adoption, Product Culling, and Technological Search

Sarah Wolfolds, Cornell U. (PhD Harvard U.); Advisor: Dennis Yao
Donations and Differentiation: Three Essays on Non-profit Strategy

Andy Wu, Harvard U. (PhD U. of Pennsylvania); Advisor: David Hsu
Organizational Resource Assembly in Technology Ventures  

2016 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Ulya Tsolmon, Washington U. in St. Louis; (PhD Duke U.) Advisor: Will Mitchell
Gaining Competitive Advantage from Human Capital: Role of Markets and Firm Structure

Other Finalists

Bo Cowgill, Columbia U. (PhD U. of California, Berkeley); Advisor: John Morgan
Essays on the Economics of Organizations, Productivity, and Labor

Ramakrishna Devarakonda, Chinese U. of Hong Kong (PhD Purdue U.); Advisor: Jeffrey Reuer
Founders’ Credentials and Performance of High-tech Startups

Vanessa Burbano, Columbia U. (PhD U. of California, Los Angeles); Co-advisors: Marvin Lieberman & Jason Snyder
Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketa Rickley, U. of Iowa (PhD Boston U.); Advisor: Samina Karim
Strategic Allocation of Human Capital: Executive Appointments in Multinational Bank Subsidiaries

John Mawdsley, HEC Paris (PhD U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Advisor: Deepak Somaya
Relational Strategy, Business Scope, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Supplier-Client Relationships in Knowledge-Based Services

2015 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Johan Chu, The U. of Chicago, Booth School of Business (PhD, U. of Michigan); Advisor: Gerald F. Davis
Durable Dominance

Other Finalists

Asma Fattoum, Copenhagen Business School (PhD EMLYON); Advisor: Frédéric Delmar
Three Essays On The King Versus Rich Dilemma Faced By Founder-CEOs At IPO

Dimitrios Georgakakis, U. of St Gallen (PhD U. of St Gallen); Advisor: Winfried Ruigrok
Antecedents And Consequences Of Top Management Team Diversity: Expanding The Upper Echelons Research Stream

Lionel Paolella, U. of Cambridge, (PhD HEC Paris); Advisor: Rodolphe Durand
Law And (Re)Order: Impact Of Category-Stretching Strategies On Firms’ Performance And Evaluation. The Case Of The Corporate Legal Services Market (2000-2010)

Eunice Rhee, Seattle U. (PhD U. of Southern California); Advisor: Peer Fiss
Essays on Strategic Categorization

Tiona Zuzul, London Business School (PhD Harvard U.); Advisor: Amy Edmondson
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Nascent Industries


2014 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Christian Catalini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD U. of Toronto); Advisor: Ajay Agrawal
Three essays on the impact of geographic and social proximity on innovation 

Other Finalists

Seth Carnahan, U. of Michigan (PhD U. of Maryland); Advisor: Rajshree Agarwal
Employee departure from organizations: Three empirical essays

Supradeep Dutta, U. of Buffalo (PhD Purdue U.); Advisor: Timothy Folta
Role of private equity investment in technology start-ups

Robert Eberhart, Santa Clara U. (PhD Stanford U.); Advisor: Kathy Eisenhardt
Institutional Change and entrepreneurship

Keyvan Vakili, London Business School (PhD U. of Toronto); Advisor: Anita McGahan
The interaction between competition, collaboration and innovation in knowledge industries

2013 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Ken Younge, U. of California, Berkeley (PhD, U. of Colorado, Boulder); Advisor: Tony Tong
Employee Mobility and the Appropriation of Value from Knowledge: Evidence from Three Essays

Other Finalists

Birgul Arslan, Koç U. (PhD, HEC, Paris); Advisor: Pierre Dussauge
Who Gets the Lion's Share? The Antecedents and Consequences of Asymmetric Outcomes in Strategic Alliances

Rory McDonald, U. of Texas at Austin (PhD, Stanford U.); Advisor: Kathy Eisenhardt
Competition and Strategic Interaction in New Markets 

Lite Nartey, U. of South Carolina (PhD, U. of Pennsylvania); Advisor: Witold Henisz
Networks of Influence:  Implementing Politically Sustainable Multinational Stakeholder Strategies

Ram Ranganathan, U. of Texas at Austin (PhD: U. of Pennsylvania); Advisor: Lori Rosenkopf         
Controlling or Complying? The Opportunities and Challenges of Coordinated Technological Change

Natalya Vinokurova, U. of Pennsylvania (PhD: New York U.); Advisor: Adam Brandenburger
The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Failure of Analogical Reasoning

2012 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Tomasz Obloj, HEC Paris (PhD, INSEAD); Advisor: Peter Zemsky
Incentive Life-Cycles: The Role of Learning, Ability, and Cognitive Biases in the Division of Value Between Firms

Other Finalists

Punit Arora, City U. of New York (PhD, Syracuse U.); Advisor: Ravi Dharwadkar
Essays on Vulnerability to and Likelihood of Reemergence from Corporate Bankruptcy

Exequiel Hernandez, Washington U. in St. Louis (PhD, U. of Minnesota); Advisors: Myles Shaver & Aks Zaheer
Immigrant Social Capital and Firm Strategic Heterogeneity: Effects on Foreign Entry and Firm Performance

Amol Joshi, U. of Hawaii (PhD, U. of North Carolina); Advisor: Atul Nerkar
Entrepreneurial Discovery and Information Complexity in Knowledge-Intensive Industries

Bo Kyung Kim, Southern Methodist U. (PhD, U. of Michigan); Advisor: Michael Jensen
New Wine in Old Bottles? The Role of Status and Market Identity in Creating a ‘Digital Media’ Category

David Kryscynski, Brigham Young U. (PhD, Emory U.); Advisor: Russ Coff
The Strategic Implications of Firm Specific Incentives

Paul Seaborn, U. of Denver (PhD, U. of Toronto); Advisors: Brian Silverman & Tim Simcoe
Business Models and Incentives in Ratings Markets: Three Essays

2011 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Martin Ganco, U. of Minnesota (PhD U. of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign); Advisor: Rajshree Agarwal
The Effect of Technological Complexity on Innovative Performance, Employee Entrepreneurship and Mobility: Three Essays

Other Finalists

Giada Distefano, Bocconi U. (PhD Bocconi U.); Advisors: Andrew King & Gianmario Verona
Knowledge, Innovation, and Social Norms in Creative Industries: Three Essays

Emilie Feldman, U. of Pennsylvania (PhD Harvard U.); Advisor: Cynthia Montgomery
Essays on Corporate Strategy

Markus Fitza, Bentley College (PhD U. of Colorado); Advisors: Sharon Matusik & Matthew Hayward
IPO Underpricing from the Perspective of the Issuing Firm: Money Left on the Table or Strategic Gain?

Yujin Jeong, HEC Montreal (PhD George Washington U.); Advisor: Robert Weiner
Firms and States in Global Markets: Two Essays

Chris Liu, U. of Toronto, (PhD Harvard U.); Advisor: Toby Stuart                              
Essays on Network Antecedents in a Knowledge Production Context

Elena Novelli, U. of Bath (PhD Bocconi U.); Advisors: Alfonso Gambardella & Gautam Ahuja
Technology Development and Commercialization Strategies for Innovative Firms

2010 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Chuck Eesley, Stanford, (PhD, MIT). Advisor: Edward B. Roberts                                                    
Essays on Institutions and Pre-founding Experience: Effects for Technology-Based Entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China

Other Finalists

Felipe A. Csaszar, INSEAD (PhD, U. of Pennsylvania). Advisor: Daniel Levinthal                      
Organizational Structure as a Determinant of Organizational Performance

Denisa Mindruta, HEC Paris (PhD, U. of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign). Advisors: Rajshree Agarwal & Glenn Hoetker
Markets for Research: A Matching Approach to U.-Industry Research Collaborations  

Alexander Oettl, Georgia Institute of Technology (PhD, U. of Toronto). Advisor: Ajay Agrawal
A New Taxonomy for Star Scientists: Three Essays

Yi Tang, Hong Kong Polytechnic U. (PhD, Hong Kong U. of Science & Technology). Advisor: Bilian Ni Sullivan
A bird known by its note: Identity legitimacy, network dynamics, and actor performance in the Hong Kong film industry, 1970-1997.

Yen Tran, Copenhagen Business School (PhD, Copenhagen Business School). Advisor: Jens Frøslev Christensen
Organizing Innovation in Turbulent Fashion Markets

2009 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Mario Schijven, Texas A&M U., (PhD Tilburg). Advisor: Harry Barkema
Acquisition capability development: Behavioral and cognitive learning perspectives

Other Finalists

Jaime P. Eggers, NYU. (PhD U. of Pennsylvania). Advisor: Sid Winter
Organizational experience and the creation of new products for new markets

Felipe Monteiro, U. of Pennsylvania (PhD London Business School). Advisor: Julian Birkinshaw
Connecting the dots: Uncovering the technology scouting process 

Jochen Schweitzer, U. of Technology Sydney, Sydney (PhD U. of Technology Sydney). Advisor: Siggi Gudersan
Four essays on antecedents and consequences of governance in strategic alliances

Metin Sengul, Boston College (PhD INSEAD). Advisor: Javier Gimeno
Essays on delegation and control in multi-unit firms

2008 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Olivier Chatain (PhD  INSEAD). Advisor: Peter Zemsky
Capturing Value from Client Relationships: Theory and Evidence

Other Finalists

Natarajan Balasubramanian (PhD U. of California, Los Angeles). Advisor: Marvin Lieberman
Essays on Learning and Innovation

Benjamin Hallen (PhD Stanford U.). Advisor: Kathy Eisenhardt
The Origin of the Network Positions of New Organizations: How Entrepreneurs Raise Funds from Venture Capitalists and Corporate Investors

Dinesh Iyer (PhD Purdue U.). Advisors: Kent Miller & Tom Brush
Performance Feedback View of the Timing of Acquisitions, Direction of Diversification, and Firm Performance

Evan Rawley (PhD  U. of California, Berkeley). Advisor: David Mowery       
Organization and Performance: Evidence from Microdata

Jianyun Tang (U. of Western Ontario). Advisor: Mary Crossan
Dominant CEO, Deviant Strategy, and Extreme Performance

2007 Dissertation Award

Award Winner

Alison Mackey (PhD The Ohio State U.). Advisor: Jay Barney
Dynamics in executive labor markets: CEO effects, executive-firm matching, and rent sharing

Other Finalists

Dries Faems (PhD Catholic U. Leuven). Advisor: Maddy Janssens
Collaboration for innovation: Processes of governance and learning in R&D alliances

Jared Harris (PhD U. of Minnesota). Advisors: Phil Bromiley & Norm Bowie
Financial misrepresentation: Antecedents and performance effects

Robert Jensen (PhD U. of Pennsylvania). Advisor: Sid Winter
Essays on the replication of organizational routines: The effect of templates on knowledge transfer, the mechanism underlying knowledge transfer methods, and variation through replication

Rekha Krishnan (PhD Tilburg U.). Advisor: Niels Noorderhaven
When is trust produced and when does it matter? Taking a closer look at trust and international alliance performance

Rajiv Nag (PhD The Pennsylvania State U.). Advisor: Dennis A. Gioia
From common to uncommon knowledge: An investigation into the socio-cognitive foundations of inter-firm heterogeneity in the use of knowledge as a resource