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Message from the STR Assistant Program Chair

  • 1.  Message from the STR Assistant Program Chair

    Posted 06-26-2022 16:15



    Deepak Somaya, STR Assistant Program Chair

    This year marks our return to an in-person Academy of Management conference, even as we are (barely) coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2022 AoM conference is styled as a "hybrid" conference that includes a variety of session formats, with in-person as well as online options in different combinations. The STR Division will provide a full PDW program this year and I am excited to share the details with you. In keeping with the hybrid format of the conference, some of our workshops will be held in-person onsite, whereas others will be held online (our Doctoral, Dissertation and Junior Faculty consortia will be held online, outside the regular conference schedule).

    The aim of the STR PDW program is to provide consortia and workshops to help the STR community develop and update their theoretical, methodological, and teaching expertise. Therefore, irrespective of format, the program relies to a great extent on interaction, feedback and development of participants. In an effort to maintain the richness of interaction and dialogue in our PDW sessions, and to foster the intended aims of professional development, I have encouraged all organizers to design synchronous PDW content irrespective of format.

    The AoM virtual STR PDW program will start early this year on August 1st and 2nd with the STR doctoral, dissertation and junior faculty consortia. The STR Doctoral consortium co-chairs are Metin Sengul (Boston College) and Claudine Gartenberg (University of Pennsylvania). The STR Dissertation consortium co-chairs are Vanessa Burbano (Columbia University) and Victor Bennett (University of Utah). The Junior Faculty consortium co-chairs are Mahka Moen (University North Carolina) and Sergio Lazzarini (INSPER). The co-chairs have worked hard to put together an exciting program for interested doctoral students and junior faculty with the participation of faculty panelists from around the globe. The remaining consortia-Mid-Career Faculty consortium and Teaching consortium-will run in-person during the AoM's "Consortia Sunday" on August 7th and also offer exciting developmental content. The Mid-Career consortium is organized by Srikanth Paruchuri (Texas A&M) and Ha Hoang (ESSEC), whereas the STR Teaching consortium is organized by John Mawdsley (HEC Paris) and Melissa Schilling (New York University). Please review application deadlines for all consortia on the STR listserv. If you have the opportunity, please thank our co-organizers and panelists for their extraordinary service.

    This year, STR will again offer several classic workshops including the Managing your Dissertation Workshop, Fostering Global Publications Workshop, Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop, and Walk-In Strategy Teaching Clinic. We will also offer a number of other PDWs related to a variety of STR theoretical perspectives and phenomena that span the breadth of our members' research interests. A number of research methods PDWs will also be offered, including PDWs on New Data & Methods in Strategy, Field Experiments, Formal Modeling and Survey Methods. A PDW on Insights from Pandemic Teaching will also feature. More highlights from the 2022 STR PDW Program are listed below. Please be on the lookout for additional information (including information on applications) for the STR PDWs on the STR listserv.

    Thank you to all the PDW and consortia organizers and committed panelists who submitted their ideas to this years' virtual PDW program. A special thanks to STR EC member Ramkumar Ranganathan (University of Texas at Austin) and the Research Committee for invaluable support with our conference award process. Many thanks also to the other STR officers-Tim Folta, Heather Berry, Michael Leiblein, Louise Mors-and the STR Secretary-David Maslach-for all their help and support. 

    Highlights of the STR PDW Program 2022

    ([V] - Virtual Online Only; [F] – In-Person Face-to-Face Live; [H] Hybrid Live-Streamed Interactive)

    Classic Workshops: 

    [F] STR Managing Your Dissertation Workshop. Organizers: Arianna Marchetti (London Business School), Stephen Thomas Downing (University of Missouri), Harshvardhan Ketkar (Bocconi University), Hyunjin Kim (INSEAD), Almantas Palubinskas (EMLYON Business School).

    [F] Walk-In Strategy Teaching Clinic. Organizers: Johann Peter Murmann (University of St. Gallen), Marlo Reveendran (University of California Riverside).

    [H] Fostering Publications form Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals. Organizers: Joon Mahn Lee (Korea University), Weiting Zheng (UNSW), Remzi Gozubuyuk (Sabanci U), Obi Berko Damoah (U Ghana), Edgar Ramirez Solis (Tecnologico de Monterrey), Sandro Cabral (Insper Institute of Education and Research).

    [H] STR Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop. Organizers: Bruno Cirillo (SKEMA Business School), Aline Gatignon (University of Pennsylvania), Srividya Jandhyala (SKEMA Business School), Daniel Keum (Columbia University).

    Research Methods Workshops:

    [F] Survey Methods PDW: Designing Surveys to collect Individual and Firm Level Data. Organizers: Benjamin King (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

    [F] New data and methods in strategic management research. Organizers: Arianna Marchetti (London Business School), Viktorie Sevcenko (INSEAD).

    [H] New Perspectives on Experimentation in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Organizers: Orie Shelef (University of Utah), Robert Wuebker (University of Utah).

    [V] Best Practices for Formal Modeling in Management Research. Organizers: Elena Plaksenkova (Ohio State University), Liyue Yan (BI Norwegian Business School).

    Other Workshops:

    The PDW program includes several workshops proposed by our members that cover a wide variety of topics, as illustrated by the following list:

    [H] Luck, serendipity, and chance in strategy research: Where are we now, and where to go from here?

    [H] New Perspectives on Stakeholder Governance

    [H] Organizing for Good

    [H] Shareholders and Governance: The Role of Institutional Investors, Family Owners, and Activism

    [H] The Landscape of Research on Organizational Search: Diverse Approaches and The Path Forward

    [F] Organizational Scaling: New Research Frontiers

    [F] The Evolutionary Dynamics of Corporate Strategy

    [F] Bringing the Owner back into Strategic Management

    [F] Research Frontiers in Nonmarket Strategy

    [F] Fairness in the digital economy: Are platforms & ecosystems exploitative economic structures?

    [F] Corporate Purpose: Current research on the role of firms in societies

    [F] Resources, Capabilities, and Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era

    [F] Incumbents' Respones to Entry and Disruptive Innovation

    [V] Creating and Capturing Value with Platforms and Ecosystems: The Road Ahead

    [V] Making the Most of It: Insights from Pandemic Teaching for In-Person, Hybrid, & Online-Only Formats

    [V] An Uncertainty-based View of Strategy

    Deepak Somaya
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Champaign IL
    (217) 333-6873