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Join us for a PDW on the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property

  • 1.  Join us for a PDW on the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property

    Posted 06-06-2024 18:09

    Friday, Aug 9 2024 8:00AM - 9:30AM CT



    Lee Branstetter - Carnegie Mellon U.

    Aija Elina Leiponen - Cornell U.

    Catherine Magelssen - London Business School

    PuayKhoon Toh - U. of Texas at Austin

    Minyuan Zhao - Washington U. in St. Louis, Olin Business School


    Intellectual Property (IP) strategy has become an increasingly vital component in the global economy, demanding a reevaluation in the face of rapid changes in technology, firm organizations, and international landscape. This PDW aims to encourage exchange of ideas on the strategic management of IP in the context of such dynamics. It connects with the conference theme of Innovating for the Future: Policy, Purpose, and Organization by examining how IP policies influence innovation and firm strategy. We are building on the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property PDW from last year, which attracted a large audience and generated fruitful discussions. Our goal is to develop an ongoing series at AOM that seeks to foster a cross-disciplinary community on IP-related research. The panelists come from diverse backgrounds and utilize various data sources and methods. The diversity of insights should spark more in-depth discussions and debates. We structure the conversation around three key topics. First, we will explore the balance between local regulations and global market dynamics, focusing on the impact of policy on IP strategies. Second, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that emerging technologies pose, and scrutinize the implications of platforms and technological standards. Finally, we will address how IP assertation across countries affects global strategy, examining the dual role of IP in promoting and impeding innovation. Across these themes, the panelists will delve into the complex interplay amongst institutions, technological changes, and international competition. The discussions on current challenges will also help identify future avenues of research.


    Sponsors: STR, TIM, and IM Divisions

    Catherine Magelssen
    London Business School