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    Posted 12-06-2021 11:10
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    The STR division requests nominations for the Irwin Outstanding Educator Award, to be given at next year's annual meetings in Seattle (Washington). STR has recognized Outstanding Educators with an award since 1987. In 1991, the publishing company Richard D. Irwin established a $25,000 endowment for the award, thereafter named the Irwin Outstanding Educator Award. Since 2008, STR has presented this award on an annual basis.

    This award is designed to recognize an established strategy scholar who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to and expertise in educating strategy students. Nominees should have at least 15 years of service since graduating from their own doctoral programs. In odd years, STR evaluates nominees with respect to their contributions to Ph.D. and doctoral education. In even years, STR evaluates nominees with respect to their contributions to MBA/executive education in strategic management.

    Since our next meeting will be in 2022, we are now soliciting nominations for scholars who have made significant contributions to strategic management education in MBA and/or executive programs. Manifestations of outstanding educator contributions might include:

    1. Evidence of outstanding teaching capabilities over an extended period. The nominee demonstrates mastery of the field and an ability to cultivate a strategic perspective in future business leaders. (For example, former students might provide testimonials as to the impact that this individual had on their growth and development as strategists or as business leaders). The nominee demonstrates either depth or breadth in teaching strategy-related topics to Master's (MBA) and/or Executive Education populations. The nominee creates learning environments that promote constructive and interactive class discussions in which students challenge assumptions and share their knowledge and experiences. It is likely that the nominee has been named for teaching awards.
    2. Evidence of an important impact on strategy pedagogy though demonstrated expertise of by developing new and different teaching methods or materials that were subsequently widely adopted by others. (For example, the nominee may have produced for strategy courses high-quality simulations, textbooks, business cases, online material, or experiential exercises. Alternatively, the nominee may have been involved in administering a highly effective and innovative Master's (MBA)/executive program in strategic management).
    3. Evidence of deep passion about the subject of strategic management, and about the intellectual development of the nominee's students.

      The previous award winners are:

      1987: C. Roland Christensen (Harvard U.)

      1989: James Brian Quinn (Dartmouth College)

      1991: Charles Summer (U. of Washington)

      1993: Michael E. Porter (Harvard U.)

      1995: William H. Newman (Columbia U.)

      1997: David Jemison (U. of Texas)

      1999: Arnold Cooper (Purdue U.)

      2001: Michael A. Hitt (Arizona State U.)

      2003: Donald C. Hambrick (Penn State U.)

      2005: Jay B. Barney (Ohio State U.)

      2007: Kathleen M. Eisenhardt (Stanford U.)

      2008: Pankaj Ghemawat (IESE Business School)

      2009: Will Mitchell (Duke U.)

      2010: Anita McGahan (U. of Toronto)

      2011: Joseph Mahoney (U. of Illinois)

      2012: Henry Mintzberg (McGill U.)

      2013: Bernard Yeung (National U. of Singapore)

      2014: Myles Shaver (U. of Minnesota)

      2015: Dan Levinthal (U. of Pennsylvania)

      2016: Gautam Ahuja (U. of Michigan)

      2017: Glenn Carroll (Stanford U.)

      2018: Sharon Oster (Yale U.)

      2019: David C Mowery (U. California, Berkeley)

      2020: Jan W. Rivkin (Harvard U)

      2021: Edward J. Zajac (Northwestern U)


      Individuals interested in nominating a senior strategic management scholar for the Irwin Outstanding Educator Award should send an email to Michael Leiblein, STR Division Chair Elect (leiblein@osu.edu ) with the subject line heading “Irwin Outstanding Educator Award nomination.” Nomination emails should include a note explaining your reasons for submitting the nomination and either attach the nominees CV or include a URL link(s). Well-documented nominations include descriptions of the above manifestations of outstanding contributions to strategic management education in MBA and/or executive programs in the body of the email or an attached file. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations will be evaluated by a committed consisting of senior scholars and members of the STR Division Executive Committee.

      Nominations will be accepted through January 28, 2022.

      Michael Leiblein