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Distinguished Paper Award

The Distinguished Paper Award goes to Annual Meeting submissions that reviewers rated in the top 1%.


George Ward: Workplace Happiness and Employee Recruitment

Ralph Gibbs, Heejung Byun, and Kougjin Lim : Build, Borrow, Buy... or Bail?

Fei Li, He Gao, and Matthew Semadeni: Response strategy for corporate litigation: A reputational view of competitive dynamics

Hyoungwon Yoon: The Hidden Cost of Redeployment: The Impact of Geographic Redeployment on Inventor Performance

Daniel Albert and Felipe Csaszar : Searching Under Multiple Goals: Exploring the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Heuristics

Curtis Goldsby, Marvin Hanisch, and Helge Klapper : The Hidden Influences of Blockchain Governance: A Study of Organizational Imprinting

Mengyue Su and Hao Ma : Timeliness and Accuracy in Retrieving Firm Competencies: An Indexing Capability Perspective

Ankita Agarwal, Parthiban David, Augustine Duru, Maria Goranova, Anna Obedkova, and Mahmut Yaşar: HF Activist Gender Diversity, Managerial Resistance, “Wolfpack” Shareholder Support, and Performance


Timo Ehrig and Jens Schmidt: Getting Others to Agree on a View of the Future: What-if Thinking and the Weakest Premise Principle

Hyuck Chung, Yue Zhou and Christine Choi: When Uber Eats its Own Business, and That of its Competitors Too

Christopher Sabel and Francesco Di Lorenzo: Are Sharks More Dangerous at Dusk or Dawn? Timing of CVC and Ventures’ Commercial Performance

Nathan Betancourt and Michiel Tempelaar: What Allows a Star to Shine?

Haram Seo: Competitive Dynamics of Corporate Activism: Asymmetric Responses from Ideological Ally and Opponent

Fernando Domingos, Sandro Cabral, Sergio Lazzarini and Ricardo Paes-de-Barros: Beyond the Agreement: Dilemmas in Contracting for the Transfer of Management Practices

Ulya Tsolmon: Information and the Gender Gap in the Market for Top Managers: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment

Seung-Hwan Jeong, Saehee Kang and Kris Byron: Bottom-Up Effects of Female Executives: Firm Performance Effects through Middle and Lower Management


Yuxuan Zhu, John Kim, and John Joseph: Feedback Fog and Affective Guide: The Interplay of CEO Affective Traits, Ambiguous Performance Feedback, and Firm Risk Taking

Ipek Koparan and Federico Aime: Psychology of Resource Pricing Decisions in Strategic Factor Markets

Jaemin Lee and Joon Mahn Lee: Can Alliance Substitute Acquisition? The Evidence from Natural Experiment

Boshuo Li: CEO Power Motive and Propensity for Real Options Strategy: Evidence from New Industry Entry Mode Choice between Acquisition and Corporate Venture Capital

Elena Novelli and Chiara Spina: The value of Commitment for Strategic Decision-Making: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Chongwu Xia and Philipp Meyer-Doyle: Who Bleeds When Activists Attack? Activist Institutional Ownership And Employee Safety

John Chen, Daniel Elfenbein, Hart Posen, and Ming Zhu Wang: Pivot Rules for (Overconfident) Entrepreneurs

Rahul Kapoor and Daniel Wilde: Forecasting as a Problem of Cognitive Search: Experimental Evidence from Forecasting Tournaments in the Context of the Auto Industry


Rahul Kapoor and Daniel Wilde: "Peering Into a Crystal Ball: Foresight During Periods of Industry Change"

Yanying Chen, Liang Ping, and Feng Liang: "Race to the Top: Collective Reputation Crisis and Firm Certification Behavior"

Sergio Lazzarini, Dirk Boehe, Leandro Pongeluppe, and Michael Cook: "From Instrumental to Normative Relational Strategies: A Study of Open Buyer-supplier Relations"

John Eklund and Emilie Feldman: "Understanding the Relationship between Divestitures and Innovation: The Role of Organization Design"

Prithwiraj Choudhury, Cirrus Foroughi, and Barbara Larson: "Work-from-anywhere: The Productivity Effects of Geographic Flexibility"

Stanislav Markus and Timothy Werner: "Illuminating Secrecy in Corporate Political Activity"

Anparasan Mahalingam: "Decision Right Allocation and Platform Market Effectiveness: Evidence from Online P2P Lending"

Monitoring Gilsoo Lee, Jonathan Arthurs, Eun Kyung Lee, and Samyul Cho: "Celebrity CEO and Earnings Management: Interplay between CEO-CFO Similarity and External"


Martin Fraissler, Sinziana Dorobantu, Jonas Puck, and Jakob Muellner: "Electoral Uncertainty, Political Constraints and Political Capabilities in Cross-Border Investment"

Victoria Sevcenko: "When to Put the Best to Rest: The Trade-Off Between Star Human Capital and Firm Adaptation"

Birgul Arslan and Murat Tarakci: "Do Exogenous Shocks Help or Hurt Innovation Performance of Alliances? Evidence from Ebola Outbreak"

Vanya Rusinova and Georg Wernicke: "Short Selling and Performance on Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"

Ivana Naumovska and Dovev Lavie: "When an Industry Peer is Accused of Misconduct: Contagion vs. Competition Effects on Blameless Firms"

Cameron Miller and PuayKhoon Toh: “Complementary Technologies and Returns to Disclosure during Standard Setting”

Michael S Dahl and Lamar Pierce: “Pay-for-Performance and Employee Mental Health: Evidence Using Employee Prescription Drug Usage”

Sea Jin Chang and Yoichi Matsumoto: “Inter-temporal Scope Economies and Resource Reallocation in Global Semiconductor Industry”

Haram Seo, Jiao Luo, and Aseem Kaul: “Giving a little to many or a lot to a few? The benefits of variety in corporate philanthropy”

“Siddharth Sharma, Wilbur Chung, and Soomin Cho:” Demand Agglomeration Economies and Firm Heterogeneity: Bankruptcy of HHGregg retailer

Rui De Figueiredo, Emilie Feldman & Evan Rawley: “The Adjustment Costs of Scope Reduction: Evidence from the Financial Crisis”

Caroline Flammer, Bryan Hong & Dylan Minor: “Corporate Governance and the Rise of Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility”

Kubilay Cirik & Richard Makadok: “First-Mover Advantages Versus First-Mover Benefits in Network-Based Industries”

Lingling Pan, Gerry McNamara, Jennifer Lee, Jerayr Haleblian & Cynthia Devers: “Give it to Us Straight: Language Concreteness and its Effects on Investors’ Reactions”

Junghyun Suh: “Attracting Successful Partners: Exploring Signaling Effects of Solo and Collaborative”

Natarajan Balasubramanian, Jin Woo Chang, Mariko Sakakibara, Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Evan Starr: “Locked In? Noncompete Enforceability and the Mobility and Earnings of High-Tech Workers”

Donal Crilly: “Time, Space and Intertemporal Choice: Why Approaching the Future Makes for Short-Term Thinking”

Warren Boeker, Michael Howard, Sandip Basu and Arvin Sahaym: “The Influence of Founder Collaborations on Venture Knowledge Quality”

Kshitij Awasthi, Sai Yayavaram, Rejie George and Trilochan Sastry: “Effect of Political Connections on Profit Persistence: Evidence from India”

Jyun-Ying Fu: “Pay to Incentivize or Pay to Capture: Evidence from Independent Director Behaviour in China”


Octavio Martinez: “Market Competition and Vertical Contracting: Evidence from the Trade of Coffee Beans”

Supradeep Dutta: “Information Asymmetry and Acquirer Returns: Dual Effect of Venture Capital Affiliation”

John Chen and Pranav Garg: “Dancing with the Stars – The Benefits of a Star Employee’s Temporary Absence for Firm Performance”

Dmitry Sharapov and Jan-Michael Ross: “Whom Should a Leader Imitate in Multiple Competitor Settings? A Contingency Perspective”

Zhixi Wan and Brian Wu: “When Suppliers Climb the Value Chain: A Theory of Value Distribution in Vertical Relationships”


Shavin Malhotra, Pengcheng Zhu and Taco Reus: “Influence of Local Market’s Preceding Acquisition on Acquisition Premiums”

Jeongil Seo, Daniel Gamache and Cynthia Devers: “CEO Relative Pay Standing and Acquisition Activity”

Timo Sohl and Govert Vroom: “Model Diversification, Resource Relatedness, and Firm Performance”

Chris Tuggle, David Sirmon, Leonard Bierman, and A. Erin Bass: “A Multilevel Model of Minority Director Participation Linking Board Diversity and Firm Performance”

Libby Weber: Jekyll & Hyde Effect of Learning to Contract: “Impact of Frames & Attribution on Future Transactions”

Puay Khoon Toh (U. of Minnesota), “The Paradox of COllaboration in Inventive Activities”

Steve Sauerwald, Lin Zhiang, and Mike Peng (U. of Texas at Dallas), “Board Capital and Excess CEO Compensation”

Robert Seamens (NYU), Victor Bennett (U. of Southern California), and Feng Zhu (Harvard U.), “Value Appropriation, Search Frictions, and Secondary Markets”

Nadine Kammerlander, Andreas Koenig, & Albrecht Enders: “Organizational Identity and Adaptation to Discontinuous Change: The Role of Focus and Locus”

Michael Mannor, Matthias Arrfelt, & Adam Wowak: “Arrogant but not Ignorant? How CEOs Manage Their Own Hubris with Conservative Coping Mechanisms”

Emilie Feldman, Belen Villalonga, & Stuart Gilson: “Do Analysts Add Value when They Most Can? Evidence from Corporate Spinoffs”

Peter Gianiodis, Gideon Markman, & Andreas Panagopoulos: “Opportunistic Behavior in Research Organizations”

Eric Yanfei Zhao, Masakazu Ishihara & Devereux Jennings: “Competing Imitation Strategies in the U.S. Video Game Market”

Ilgaz Arikan (Ohio State U.) & Arun Rai (Georgia State U.): Impact of New Investments in the Resource-base and Organizational Architecture on Performance

Youtha Cuypers (U. of Hong Kong), & Xavier Martin (Tilberg U.): It Takes Two to Continue to Tango: A Two-Sided View on Post-M&A Supplier-Buyer Tie Continuation

Hans Frankort (Maastrict U.): Technology Alliance Governance, Partner Selection, and Firm Innovativeness

Nathan Furr (BYU), Fabrice Cavarretta (ESSEC), & Sam Garg (Stanford U.): The Danges of Deep Knowledge: New Ventures in the U.S. Solar Industry

Motohiro Nakauchi (UC Irvine) & Margarethe Wiersema (UC Irvine): Executive Succession and Strategic Change: The Impact of the Board in Japanese Companies


Arnab Bhattacharjee (U. of St. Andrews) and Sumit Majumdar (U. of Texas-Dallas) for “The Profitability Dynamics of Indian Firms.”

Federica Brunetta, Paolo Boccardelli (Luiss Guido Carli U.) and Andrea Lipparini (U. of Bologna) for “The Role of Structural Holes in Highly Regulated Networks: A Study of Clinical Research Projects.”

Reddi Kotha (Singapore Management U.), Kannan Srikanth (Indian School of Business), and Gerard George (Imperial College) for “Bridging the Mutual Knowledge Gap.”

Gwendolyn Lee (INSEAD), Timothy Folta (Purdue U.) and Marvin Lieberman (UCLA) for “Relatedness and Market Exit.”

Louis Mulotte (Tilburg U.) for “The Contingent Value of Initial Collaborations for the Establishment of Later Autonomous Operations.”


Parthiban David (U of Oklahoma), Yoru Toshikawa (McMaster U), Jonathon O’Brien (RPI), and Andrew Delios (National U of Singapore) for: Stakeholder Influences on Diversification: Implications for Shareholders and Stakeholders.

Koen Heimericks (Rotterdam School of Management) and Mario Schijven (Texas A&M U) for: Caution or Causation? The Underlying Mechanism of Deliberate Learning in Alliances.

Fabrice Lumineau (IMD) and James Henderson (IMD) for: The Influence of Governance on Negotiation Strategies in Buyer-Supplier Disputes.
You Zhou (U of Maryland) for: Synergies, Coordination Costs, and Diversification Choices.


Gary Dushnitsky (U. of Penn) and Zur Shapira (New York U.) for: Entrepreneurial finance meet organizational reality.

Henrich Greve (INSEAD), Joel A. C. Baum (U. of Toronto), Hitoshi Mitsuhashi (Keio U.) and

Tim Rowley (U. of Toronto) for: Built to last but falling apart: Cohesion, friction, and the durability of interfirm alliances.

Maria Goranova (U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Ravi Dharwadkar (Syracuse U.), and Pamela Brandes (Syracuse U.) for: Owners on both sides of the deal: M&A and overlapping institutional ownership.

Goncalo Pacheco-de-Almeida (New York U.) and Peter Zemsky (INSEAD) for: Timeconsuming technology development: How imitation and spillovers affect competitive dynamics.

Margerethe Wiersema (U. of California, Irvine) and Yan Anthea Zhang (Rice U.) for: CEO dismissal: The role of investment analysts as an external control mechanism.