Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award

The Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award is awarded for the submission to the refereed scholarly program that is judged to be the best paper that advances research while deriving important implications for practice. The award honors the contributions to both research and practice made by Sumantra Ghoshal.


Linda Hofsäss (Freie University Berlin); Max Braun (Freie University Berlin): "Exploring the Dimensionality of Opportunism in Inter-Organizational Relationships with Meta-Analysis"


Daniel Albert (Drexel U); Dirk Martignoni (U. of Lugano); Anoop Menon; Nicolaj Siggelkow (U. of Pennsylvania): "The Power of Open-Minded Simplicity in Mental Models"

Ivana Naumovska (INSEAD).Derek Harmon (U Michigan): "Into the great unknown: When expressing more uncertainty improves entrepreneurial financing outcomes"

Huy Nguyen (Montclair State U), Zhiang Lin (U of Texas at Dallas): "Stakeholder dependency and female CEO succession"

Richard Saouma (Michigan State U), Jason Sandvik (U. of Utah), Nathan Seegert (U. of Utah), and Christopher Stanton (Harvard U.): "Workplace Knowledge Flows"

Colleen Cunningham (London Business School), Song Ma (Yale University), Florian Ederer (Yale University): “Killer Acquisitions”

Timothy Gubler (U.C.-Riverside): “When Social Capital Hurts: The Role of Human Capital Experience and Fit”

Tianxu Chen (Oakland U.) and Jianhong Chen (U. of New Hampshire): “Corporate Venture Capital and Inter-Firm Rivalry: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective”

Mark DesJardine (Western U.): “The Causal Effect of Financial Analyst Coverage on Long-term Capital.”

Michael Boppel (U. of St. Gallen), Sven Kunisch (U. of St. Gallen) and Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School): “Corporate Programs: Analysis of a Major Structural Choice in Strategy Implementation.”

Tyson Mackey (California Polytechnic State U.): Corporate Diversification and the Value of Individual Firms: A Bayesian Approach”

Richard Hunt (U. of Colorado-Boulder) & Kip Kiefer (U. of Colorado-Boulder): “Parity, Paternalism and Peonage in the Informal Economy: An Empirical Study of Off-the-Books Loans”

José Lejarraga (Pompeu Fabra U.), Tomás Lejarraga (Carnegie Mellon U.) and Charlotte Gaston-Breton (U. of Carlos III de Madrid): “Let Me Handle This, I’ve Done It Before: Experience and Self-involvement in Superstitious Learning”

Arijit Chatterjee (ESSEC) and Donald Hambrick (Penn State U.): “CEO Personality, Capability Cues, and Risk-Taking: How Narcissists React to Successes and Stumbles”

Gerard Hodgkinson (U of Leeds) and Mark Healey (U of Leeds) for: “Psychological Foundations of Dynamic Capabilities: Reflexion and Reflection in Strategic Management.”

Aseem Kaul (U. of Pennsylvania) for: “Intelligent Investing and Governance: The Role of Financial Advisors.”