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Distinguished Student Paper Award

The Distinguished Student Paper Award is annually given by the STR Division to the "runner-up" of the Robert Litschert Distinguished Paper Award, which is selected among the papers submitted to the Annual AOM Meeting. To be eligible, papers must be submitted and accepted to the AOM Annual Meeting, and authored by students only.
Note: This award is not always given out.

Narae Lee (U of Minnesota) "Where We Are from Matters: Assessing the Impact of Immigrants on Facility Environmental Performance"

Not assigned.

Oren Reshef (U. of California at Berkley) "Smaller Slices of a Growing Pie: The Effects of Entry in Platform Markets"

Mingtao Xu (Purdue U.) "Value Appropriation Mechanisms and Resource Valuation: A Theory of Patent Monetization" 
Toby Li (Rice U.) "Pay to Play: Examining the Consequences of Making Unilateral Relationship-Specific Investments"

Sungyong Chang (London Business School) “Does Unbundling Facilitate Experimentation and the Discovery of New Talent?”

Jongsoo Kim (Purdue U.): “Star Performers turned Managers and Organisational Outcomes”
Sunkee Lee (INSEAD): “The Organizational Design of Spatial Proximity and its Influence on Organizational Learning”

Megan Lawrence (Harvard U.): “Who Learns from Whom? Divisionalization and Local Learning”
Peter Snoeren (Bocconi U.): “A Stakeholder Based View of Firm Growth: Stakeholder Orientation and Value Creation from Growth”


Aleksey Korniychuk (HEC Paris): “Keep It Simple: Asymmetric Error in Strategic Problem Formulation”
Douglas Hannah (Stanford U.): “Origins and Outcomes of Strategy in Nascent Ecosystems”


Addis Birhanu (Bocconi U.): “Affiliation to Business Groups: Strategizing or Economizing Mechanism? Evidence From ‘Arab Spring’”
Elad Green (New York U.): “Parallel Search as a Competitive Response: How Technological Positioning Affects R&D Strategy”


Chirag Kasbekar (Emory U.), “Geographic Concentration and Competitive Experience: Postbellum Firearms Firms the in US South”
Gianluigi Giustiziero (U. of Michigan), “Vertical and Horizontal Expansion in Value-based Models”


Octavio Jose Martinez (U. of Toronto): “Performance Implications of Vertical Integration and Industrial Agglomeration under Demand Slowdown”
Wei Guo (U. of Maryland): “The Power of Plain Language: Executives’ Rhetoric and Stock Market Reaction”


Keyvan Vakili (U. of Toronto): “Strategic Patenting and the Tragedy of Anticommons: A Closer Look at Firms’ Patenting Behavior.”
Joshua Sears (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): “Technology Overlap and the Acquisition of External Technology by Leaders versus Laggards”


Carmelo Cennamo (IE Business School) for “Racing for the Market: A Study of the Factors Affecting Resource Preempting Ability of Pioneers.”
Kyle Ehrhardt (U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) for “Reconsidering the Slack-Performance Relationship: A Top Manager Characteristics Model.”


Ioannis Ioannou (Harvard U) for: The Impact of Different Types of Spinoffs on Firm Survival: US Automobile Industry 1890-1986.
Eric Zhao (U of Toronto) for: Compensatory Legitimation: Naming Strategies and the Categorical Imperative.


Matt Marx (Harvard University) for: On a short leash? Young organizations, strategic change, and venture capital.
Guoli Chen (Pennsylvania Sate U.) for: Performance consequences of CEO replacement in turnaround situations.