Strategic Management Teaching Resources

One of the common challenges in teaching strategic management is finding good exercises or slides that illustrate a given concept particularly well and to keep our students engaged. To help address this challenge, we asked top management faculty to share with our community their teaching resources and advice on introducing pedagogical innovation in the classroom.

Some Conversations with STR Members about Innovative Teaching Practices:
  • Conducting Strategic Analysis with Tammy Madsen - In this post, Tammy Madsen introduces her approach to teaching the Value - Price - Cost framework, together with a note on how to use conjoint analysis and links to useful business press articles, student exercises, and potential business cases that you can use to teach this concept.
  • Understanding Corporate Turnarounds with Michael Braun - This post introduces Michael’s Brown’s materials and approach to teach business strategy formulation in the context of corporate turnarounds. The post has information on the teaching approach and some useful cases, but the real treasure is the link to Braun’s “Mastering Strategy” website with links to great articles, cases, videos, and slides.
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy with Ron Adner - [there is a dead link in the post] This post presents teaching tips and links to materials on teaching entrepreneurship and strategy.

Some Examples of Teaching Content:
  • Carpenter’s Strategy Toolbox Updated - This is a great resource for all those looking for content to make your classroom more engaged and fun. The website lists numerous videos, cases, exercises, simulations, and more. We can’t oversell this great resource. If you haven’t visited it yet, it is well worth your time.
  • Greve, Rowley, & Shipilov: “Network Advantage” and the Alliance Radar (teaching tool) - here you can find information on how to implement concepts from networks science into teaching strategy. The post has links to the book and an interview with the book’s coauthor, Andrew Shipilov.
  • Adam Brandenburger: Slides, Courses, Videos - this wonderful website contains many great resources on how to teach strategy, particularly from the Value-Based View perspective and shows how to integrate game theory. The website contains several videos explaining main concepts with respect to strategy and being a strategist and also slides from Adam Branderbunger’s lectures.

Other Websites with Teaching Resources:

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