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STR Meet the Scholar Podcast
#STRongerTogether Meet the Scholar
sessions offer the opportunity for our community to get to know a prominent Strategic Management scholar through a candid conversation. Sessions will begin with an interview by moderators asking scholars a wide range of questions, including: where did they grow up, what made them pursue a career in academia, how have their research interests evolved, what were some challenges and triumphs along the way, what advice would they give to new scholars, what unanswered questions do they think we should pursue, who is their favorite author, and more! Each interview will be followed by discussion and Q&A between session participants and our guest scholar. Our goal is to build our community, share wisdom, be inspired, have some good laughs, and get to know our colleagues a little better.

To watch the videos of our #STRongerTogether Meet the Scholar interviews please visit our Meet the Scholar Playlist in our STR Youtube Channel.

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