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    In April, STR has a new set of exciting virtual events lined up for you: On April 16 at 3pm London time, Richard Whittington (Oxford U) is hosting another event in our series of “STR: Impact and Relevance.” The panel will address “how strategy research ... More
  • STR Events in March

    Dear STR members,  Please remember to nominate qualified individuals to serve as the future leadership of STR. You can nominate directly on the AOM website (https://aom.org/) and the deadline is coming up in two days on February 29th.  I hope many of you ... More
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  • Invitation to AoM 2024 Professional Development Workshop "Making Sense of Corporate Purpose: Charting New Conversations and Perspectives" Main sponsor : Organization and Management Theory (OMT) Other sponsors: Managerial ...

  • 2024 CARMA Summer Short Course Plus Program (In-Person) Are you a current AOM Student and Academic member who wants to advance your knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods? You qualify for a 50% discount on registration fees for ...

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