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  • STR Events in June

    The academic year is rapidly coming to an end and so are the STR online events. But there is still time for you to join some of these exciting events.  Two of the May events included the PhD Networkshops organized by Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD) and ... More
  • STR Events in May

    Dear STR Members,  You might have seen the call from AOM to nominate the future leaders of our field. STR Past Division Chair, Michael Leiblein, has also sent a reminder. I hope that you will take the time to vote for the future leaders of STR. You ... More
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  • Dear Colleagues, If you are planning to participate in the SMS 2024 Istanbul Conference, there is fantastic news from the SMS Global Strategy Interest Group (IG) for all conference participants and their families. The SMS Global Strategy IG has ...

  • Please consider joining a PDW on social network analysis/ publishing social network research in top management journals at the upcoming Academy of Management Meeting in Chicago. The session, entitled "Publishing Organizational Network Research: Developing ...

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