• STR Events in June

    The academic year is rapidly coming to an end and so are the STR online events. But there is still time for you to join some of these exciting events. 

    Two of the May events included the PhD Networkshops organized by Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD) and Florence Honore (U Wisconsin-Madison) where senior panelists gave feedback to late-stage STR PhD students and post-docs as they are preparing for the job market. A huge thank you to the panelists for your time and advice in supporting these young scholars for their future careers in the field of Strategic Management: Michael Bikard, Linus Dahlander, Giada Di Stefano, Kenneth Huang, Tobias Kretschmer, Bala Vissa, Heli Wang, Pavel Zhelyakov, Donald Bergh, Felipe Csaszar, J.P. Eggers, Aline Gatignon, Jiao Luo, and Atul Nerkar. 

    If you missed the other May events organized by STR you will find them as per usual on the STR Youtube channel.

    June starts with another STR Impact and Relevance event on June 4th at 11AM ET on the topic of “publishing phenomenon-based research in strategic management”. The event is hosted and organized by Koen Heimericks (U Warwick) and Fabrice Lumineau (U Hong Kong) and will feature Aseem Kaul, Greg Fisher, Jonathan Doh, and Sue Cohen.

    We host a second STR Impact and Relevance event on June 27th at 11AM ET on the topic of how STR scholars can collect primary impactful data. The event is hosted and organized by Florence Honore (U Wisconsin-Madison) and will feature Michael Leiblein,
    Elena Novelli, Tim Ott, Henry Sauermann, and Margarethe Wieserma.

    On June 28th, the Membership Engagement Committee of STR is organizing an online student-only conference open to any STR division PhD student who submits a full paper by the registration deadline. There is no review process aside from a quick check that the paper is an STR research paper suitable for discussants. By submitting a paper, you agree to attend the conference and serve as a discussant for two other student papers. You will be matched into a research topic track to ensure the highest quality feedback. The deadline for signing up is June 7th.

    You will find more information about these events including how to sign up on the STR homepage:

  • STR Events in May

    Dear STR Members, 

    You might have seen the call from AOM to nominate the future leaders of our field. STR Past Division Chair, Michael Leiblein, has also sent a reminder. I hope that you will take the time to vote for the future leaders of STR. You will find the link to the Division elections here: and you have until May 16 to vote. 

    In May, we again have a number of online events lined up for the STR community: 

    On May 1st at 9AM EST, Florence Honoré (U Wisconsin-Madison) is hosting another STR: Impact and Relevance event on “Empowering Real World Change through STR Teaching”. The panelists are Keyvan Vakili (London Business School), Min Jung Kim (Gies College of Business), Ilaria Orlandi (Copenhagen Business School), and Russ Coff (U Wisconsin-Madison).You will find more information about this event, including how to sign up here:

    On May 3rd at 12:30PM EST, Koen Heimericks (U Warwick) is also hosting an STR: Impact and Relevance event on “Purposeful Growth”.  The confirmed speakers at this event are: Ranjay Gulati (HBS), Claudine Gartenberg (Wharton), Alan Morrison (Oxford), and Flore Bridoux (RSM). Here is the link to sign up: 

    On the 9th of May at 9AM EST, Cameron Miller (Syracuse U) from the STR Membership Engagement Committee will host Russ Coff (U Wisconsin-Madison) for a session on “How to Master Conference Presentations.” This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to present at conferences, where you have less time than for a regular paper presentation and need to convey a lot in little time. 

    On May 23rd and May 28th Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD) and Florence Honoré (U Wisconsin-Madison) are hosting the annual “STRonger Together Networkshops”. These workshops are a series of online workshops for late-stage PhD students, post-doc or equivalent, i.e., those who expect to be on the job market next academic year (2024-25). The workshops will last two hours and each student is matched with two senior discussants. The organizers have a great set of discussants lined up: Michael Bikard, Linus Dahlander, Giada Di Stefano, Kenneth Huang, Tobias Kretschmer, Bala Vissa, Heli Wang, Pavel Zhelyakov, Donald Bergh, Felipe Csaszar, J.P. Eggers, Aline Gatignon, Jiao Luo, and Atul Nerkar . Thank you to the organizers and the panelists for being part of creating this wonderful opportunity for junior STR scholars.

    As per usual, if you missed the April events you can find them on our home page as podcasts ( or on the STR Youtube channel. Hope to see you at one of the May events.

    Louise Mors, STR Division Chair  

  • STR Events in April

    In April, STR has a new set of exciting virtual events lined up for you: On April 16 at 3pm London time, Richard Whittington (Oxford U) is hosting another event in our series of “STR: Impact and Relevance.” The panel will address “how strategy research can engage with state actors.” The panelists are Anna Grossman (Loughborough U, London), Aline Gatignon (Wharton), Pasha Mahmood (NUS), Mike Peng (UT Dallas), and Anthea Zhang (Rice). You can register for this event here:

    On April 24 at 10AM Eastern Time, Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD) will host a symposium on Corporate Strategy. Four scholars will present their work: Colleen Cunningham (Utah), Mark DesJardine (Dartmouth), Catherine Magelssen (LBS), and Lisa Tang (NUS). Distinguished scholars Emilie Feldman (Wharton) and Constance Helfat (Dartmouth) will provide comments on the work. Register in advance for this meeting:

    Finally, the teaching committee are organizing an event on April 26 at 11AM Eastern on the interaction between teaching and research. The event is hosted by Jenny Kuan (Cal State Monterey) and Nathan Furr (INSEAD). At this event you will hear examples of how teaching sparked a research idea or how research is used in teaching from Rahul Kapoor (Wharton), Olga Hawn (UNC-Chapel Hill), and Jeffrey York (Colorado). Register at:

  • STR Events in March

    Dear STR members, 

    Please remember to nominate qualified individuals to serve as the future leadership of STR. You can nominate directly on the AOM website ( and the deadline is coming up in two days on February 29th

    I hope many of you have been able to participate in some of the virtual events that we hosted online this month. We also have a few events coming up in March: The Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) have two events that fit nicely with the “STR: Impact and Relevance” theme that we are focusing on this year.

    On March 6th, Bukky Oyedeji (London Business School) from the MEC is organizing and hosting Sourobh Ghosh (Audible), Jorge Fuentes (Carey), and Andrea Floyd (Maximus) for what I am sure will be an interesting discussion on “Insight to Impact: Synergizing Practice and Research in Strategic Management".

    On March 12th,  the MEC is hosting an event on the “Public Policy Contributions of Strategic Management” organized by Tadhg Ryan-Charleton (Queen’s University Belfast) that will feature a conversation with David J. Teece (U.C. Berkeley) and Annabelle Gawer (U Surrey). 

    Finally, on the 21st of March, the global representatives led by Edgar Ramirez (Tecnologico de Monterey) are hosting a PDW for Central and North America. 

    If you missed the February events you can find them on our home page as podcasts ( or on the STR Youtube channel. See you at one of the March events. 

    Louise Mors, STR Division Chair  

  • Applications for STR co-sponsorship of local conferences

    The STR Division is seeking applications for STR co-sponsorship of locally-organized and run conferences that will happen over the next year (including from April, 2024 to April 2025, but preferably not in August, 2024). 

    The STR Division leadership recognizes the opportunity to support the strategic management field through additional conferences and gatherings that are distinct from the AoM Annual Meeting. Smaller and more intimate conferences offer the opportunity for more focused research discussions, to facilitate networking opportunities, and to allow scholars who are unable to attend the AoM Annual Meeting to engage in scholarly discussion. Our effort aims to extend and build on the success of conferences organized by the STR Division Global Representatives. We envision supporting locally-organized conferences that foster both in-person or virtual delivery.  While there is no restriction on the geographic location of the conference, the theme needs to relate to the field of strategic management. 

    The STR Division aims to primarily support these conferences via co-sponsoring and branding. In addition, we may send one or more STR Division members (typically current or former members of the leadership team) to help with consortia, PDWs, panels or other research activities at the conference.  We are also open to STR leadership playing other roles.

    Applications should be submitted (in English) to STR Division Chair Louise Mors at the email below.  Applications should clearly indicate the objective of the conference and its importance to the field of strategic management. In addition, applications should indicate the conference name, the names and positions/affiliations of the conference organizers, the local university/organization that is providing space (if there is one), the intended size of the conference as well as any currently committed participants.  Please specify the role that you envision for a member of the STR leadership in your conference.

    Current elected officers of the STR Division will review submissions based on the anticipated contribution to the field and STR leadership willingness/ability to attend the conference. For in-person conferences, we may cover the travel fees of the STR representative(s). 

    Please send your questions and/or applications to Division Chair Louise Mors at

  • STR Events in February

    Dear STR members, 

    I hope you have all signed up to review for STR. Please remember to get your reviews done on time, so that the STR program team can get working on the program for the annual conference in Chicago. To prepare first-time reviewers, STR hosted two workshops on February 1st on how to review for conferences and journals. Thank you to Catherine Maritan (Syracuse U) for presenting and to Aldona Kapacinskaite (Bocconi) and Bukky Oyedeji (London Business School) from the STR Membership Engagement Committee for organizing.

    We have two further events scheduled in February: On the 22nd of February, Richard Whittington (Oxford U) is organizing and hosting another event in our series of “STR: Impact and Relevance”. This event will focus on “New Modes of Strategizing”. The panelists for this event are: Henk Volderba (U Amsterdam); Siobhan O'Mahony (Boston U); Julia Hautz (U Innsbruck); Callen Anthony (NYU); and Fleur Deken (Vrije U Amsterdam).

    On the 27th of February Philipp Meyer-Doyle is organizing a symposium on Strategic Human Capital. More details will follow closer to this event.

    If you missed the January STR events you will soon find them posted on the STR Youtube channel

    I hope to see many of you at the February events. 

    Louise Mors

    STR Division Chair  

  • STR Events in January

    Happy new year to all STR members!

    The STR online events under the theme of STR: Impact and Relevance started off in December with a very interesting discussion led by Koen Heimericks (Warwick Business School) with Christina Fang (NYU), Phebo Wibbens (INSEAD), Michael Ryall (Florida Atlantic U), and Martin Reeves (BCG) about the relevance of formal theoretical work in strategy. If you it, you can view the event on the STR youtube channel here:

    EC members Richard Whittington (Oxford U), Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD), Florence Honore (U Wisconsin-Madison), Koen Heimericks (Warwick Business School), and Fabrice Lumineau (U Hong Kong) are putting together several exciting online events in the coming months. Please keep an eye the STR calendar, as well as the STR discussion space for announcements of these events.

    In January STR will host the following online events:

    January 23rd at 8AM Eastern (US and Canada): ”Publishing with Non-US Data in Strategy and Management Journals” organized by Cecilia Gu and Fabrice Lumineau

    January 29th at 11AM Eastern (US and Canada): “How to Measure the Impact of Strategy Research” organized by Florence Honore.

    I hope to see you at some of these events. 

    Please also remember to sign up to review for STR. It is a great way to give back to our community and to ensure that we have great contributions on the conference program in Chicago. 

    Louise Mors, STR Division Chair 


    Louise Mors

    Dear STR members, my name is Louise Mors, and I am honored to serve as the STR Division Chair for the academic year 2023-2024. This year I will be working with an amazing team of volunteers that all serve the Division in various ways. You may have run into some of them at the annual conference in Boston.

    The STR officers, with the support of the executive, awards, research, and teaching committees all worked hard to put together the program for the annual conference in Boston. In addition to the main program, there were many other informal activities going on: For example, under the leadership of Andy Wu (Harvard U), the membership engagement committee (MEC) organized a number of activities including a STRun, a networking event at Fenway park, and a STR happy hour. The MEC volunteers also helped our members find their way around the conference. Such activities help make STR a welcoming and fun community to be a part of. We are all grateful to the MEC for their hard work for the division.

    The communications team led by Paolo Aversa (King’s College London) made sure that everything that happened at the conference was documented and communicated to our community through the various STR channels. The communications team is very important for our division, as they also help us get content out to the STR members. The members of the communications team all work with different social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, the STR Google Calendar, X (twitter) – also check out the STR podcast content on Spotify). In addition to the regular social media channels, they also work to post our content on BiliBili, so that we also reach the STR community in China. Thank you to all the volunteers for your service and for making STR a fantastic community.

    In Boston, we thanked last year’s volunteers, including Past Division Chair, Heather Berry (Georgetown U). Heather has worked tireless over the past five years to serve and strengthen our division. We are grateful for her outstanding service and contribution to STR and will also miss her on the team. We also welcomed new members to the various committees and, I particularly want to welcome Isin Guler (U North Carolina), Assistant Program Chair, to the officer’s team.

    In addition to all the activities that happen at the annual conference, we now offer many activities between the annual conferences. This year we are also planning several virtual events:

    -       During this academic year, STR will be working under the theme of STR: Impact and Relevance. EC members Richard Whittington (Oxford U), Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD), Florence Honore (U Wisconsin-Madison), Koen Heimericks (Warwick Business School), and Fabrice Lumineau (U Hong Kong) will put together online events throughout the year that will address various questions under the umbrella of the topic of impact and relevance. Please keep an eye on our calendar on the STR website, as well as the STR discussion space for announcements of these events.

    -       This year, our teaching committee is overseen by Division Chair Elect, Deepak Somaya (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Deepak is working with EC member Juan Santalo (IE U) and the teaching committee to offer virtual teaching events open to all members. Their first event will take place already on the 2nd of November and will be about “Immersive and Activity-Based Learning”.

    -       The global representatives will also organize a couple of virtual events this year, with a focus on outreach to our members outside of North America. Sandro Cabral (Insper) is working with local scholars to organize a virtual paper development workshop for South America on December 8. Please check the discussion board for the announcement and how to sign up for this event.

    -       To socialize our community, the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) will continue to offer sessions that not only connect our members but also help to develop academic skills. Throughout the year, they will be offering workshops on writing, reviewing, and productivity practices in a virtual format. For the AOM Annual Meeting, the MEC will offer a diverse portfolio of in-person events and will recruit volunteers to support STR divisions activities. MEC events serve our whole community but with a particular focus on engaging doctoral students and junior scholars.

    You will find our events on the STR calendar on the STR home page, and we will also make regular announcements on the STR discussion board. These events have now become such an important outlet for our community and help connect all our members across the world.

    I look forward to working with the entire STR team and to seeing many of you at our virtual events.

  • Jonathan O’Brien passing

    The STR Leadership is saddened to learn of the sudden death of Professor Jonathan P. O’Brien. Jon was chair of the Department of Management, professor of management and U.S. Bank Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Jon received his PhD in Strategic Management from Purdue University and his research focused on the governance of strategic assets, real options, capital structure, the institutional environment, and behavioral influences on firm strategy. Jon was an active member of the STR community and a leader in the greater management community. He will be greatly missed, and our thoughts are with his family.

  • AoM 2023 Officer Recording & STR Conference Events

    The 2023 AoM Conference starts at the end of this week! 

    This announcement calls attention to a recording developed by your officers and the time and location of several notable STR events at the annual meeting. 

    The 2023 STR Officer recording is designed to broadly disseminate information regarding the “state of the division” to our members.  This recording summarizes several of the activities we completed this year and expresses our gratitude for the work completed by the nearly 100 STR members who contributed to our division this year. By publicly sharing this recording, we hope to increase the level of transparency regarding our efforts and allow us to spend more time recognizing and celebrating those making award-winning contributions to our field during the in-person meeting.  This recording is available here.

    This announcement also calls attention to the time and location of a subset of the STR events at the annual meeting. While there are far too many fantastic symposia, paper sessions, and professional development events on the AoM program to list here, this announcement highlights events of general interest to STR members, including some locally organized events by the STR Membership Engagement Committee. 

    I look forward to seeing you in Boston and invite you to approach me or other STR officers during the annual meeting!

    Sunday, August 6th

    8:00 AM: STR Irwin Award Breakfast: Coffee with Irwin Award Winner Aks Zaheer sponsored by the STR Division and the U of Minnesota. Marriott Copley Plaza, Tremont Room

    9:00-10:00 AM: STR Irwin Award Celebration: Join the STR community in honoring the 2023 Irwin Award Winner, Aks Zaheer.  Marriott Copley Plaza, Tremont Room

    Monday, August 8th

    7:30-8:30 AM: STR Plenary Breakfast: Coffee with plenary speakers David Collis, Emilie Feldman, Alfonso Gambardella, Brian Silverman, and Harbir Singh. Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon E

    8:30-10:00 AM: STR Plenary “Should we Revisit the Fundamental Issues in Strategic Management?” with David Collis, Emilie Feldman, Alfonso Gambardella, Brian Silverman, and Harbir Singh. Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon E

    4:00-5:45 PM: STR Best Dissertation Finalists’ Presentations, Marriott Copley Plaza, Wellesley

    6:00-7:00 PM: STR In-Person Business Meeting, Marriott Copley Plaza, Wellesley

    7:00-8:30 PM: STR Social, Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon F

    STR MEC Locally Organized Events

    Friday, August 5th:

    7:10 PM: STR Division Experience Fenway Park Event, 4 Jersey Street (contact Carlos Inoue at

    Saturday, August 5th

    3:30 PM: STR Happy Hour at the Night Shift Esplanade, Meet outside Huntington Ave entrance of Westin Copley Place at 3:15 pm (contact Keith Pennington at

    Sunday, August 7th

    7:00 AM: STR Charles River Run, Meet on Boston side of the Harvard Bridge, a 15-minute walk from the Marriott Copley Place (contact Meet Aldona Kapacinskaite at & Thomaz Teodorovicz at

    10:00 AM. AOM Soccer Cup. Meet at Harvard athletic fields, 65 North Harvard Street (contact Carlos Inoue at