We would like to thank members of the STR community for helping to create two series during the 2021-2022 year that we have called “Meet a Theory” and “Meet a Method.”  The 90 minute recordings in this series cannot possibly cover an entire theory or method, but our aim in these sessions has been to highlight important aspects of the theory or method by scholars who have contributed to the theory or method.  These recordings are listed below in the order they were recorded. 

Impact and Relevance
Meet a Theory
Meet a Method

The Behavioral Theory of Firm

Using Field Experiments in Strategic Managament Research

Real Options

How to Contribute to Strategic Management Theory through Modeling
Behavioral Theory at 10 years

Difference-in-Difference Models in Strategy Research

Attention-based View

Theory Empirics Fit in Strategy Research

The Past and Future of Global Strategy
Using Lab Experiments in Strategy Research

Resources and Capabilities

Transaction Cost Economics