• STR Division Upcoming Virtual Events in May, 2022

    Please join us at one of our STR virtual events during the month of May.  These events include a new Meet a Method session focused on lab experiments, a new Meet a Theory session focused on firm resources and capabilities, a virtual symposium on competitive advantage in ecosystems and a teaching PDW that focuses on digital strategy. 

    Zoom registration information is available in each of the links below. 

    All the best,

    Heather Berry

    STR Division Chair

    May 2022 Events:

    Thursday, May 5, 2022: 

    STR Meet a Method:  Lab Experiments – May 5th starting at 11am ET.

    This Meet a Method session will focus on using lab experiments in strategic management research with Giada Di Stefano (Bocconi University), Oliver Schilke (University of Arizona) and Regan Stevenson (Indiana University).  Tomasz Obloj (HEC Paris) will moderate this session and encourages participants to send any questions in advance of this event to him.      

    Monday, May 9, 2022:

    STR Meet a Theory:  Resources and Capabilities – May 9th starting at 4pm ET. 

    This Meet a Theory session will focus on resources and capabilities with panelists Connie Helfat (Dartmouth College), Aseem Kaul (University of Minnesota), Cathy Maritan (Syracuse University) and Ralf Wilden (Macquarie Business School).  Mahka Moeen (University of North Carolina) will moderate this event. 

    Tuesday, May 10, 2022:

    STR Teaching PDW:  The Rules and Tools of Digital Strategy – May 10th starting at 10:00am ET. 

    Please join three experts on digital strategy, including Vinod Jain, Lokesh Kumar and Sridharan Rangarajan, for a discussion of how “digital strategy” differs from “strategy” (regarding value capture and competitive advantage, for example), economic principles that underpin digital and Internet of Things business and why it is important to include digital strategies in strategic management courses. 

    Monday, May 16, 2022:

    STR Virtual Symposium – The Theory of the Firms and Competitive Advantage in Ecosystems – May 16th starting at 11am ET

    Please join us in this virtual symposium that will discuss how the ecosystem framework can help to address core issues in strategic management research, including competitive advantage and firm boundaries.  Panelists Olivier Chatain (HEC Paris), Rahul Kapoor (University of Pennsylvania) and Brian Wu (University of Michigan) will be joined by discussant Marvin Lieberman (University of California, Los Angeles).  Organizers Cameron Miller (Syracuse University) and Elena Plaksenkova (Ohio State University) will moderate this event.  (Please note - this is a two hour virtual event, with the last thirty minutes devoted to roundtables where participants can interact with the panelists and get feedback on their ideas or ask questions.)