• STR Division Upcoming Events in February 2022

    Hello STR Members,

    We have several exciting events planned for February, including the start of our Meet a Theory series, continuing Meet a Method sessions and our first debate.   In addition, we are offering events focused on teaching core strategy, the pros and cons of post-docs and writing reviews. 

    We hope to see you at these events – Zoom registration information is available in the links for each virtual event listed below (in addition to being posted on the STR calendar).  We will also record these sessions and make them available on our YouTube and BiliBili channels and in podcast form for those unable to attend the events. 

    To stay informed of these and future events, please visit our webpage calendar, and/or any of our STR social media accounts. 

    Heather Berry

    STR Division Chair

    Thursday, February 3, 2022: 

    STR Meet a Theory:  The Behavioral Theory of the Firm – February 3rd starting at 10am ET.

    The first of the Meet a Theory Series will focus on New Frontiers in Behavioral Strategy:  Exploring how Cognition and Structure Interact, with panelists Linda Argote (Carnegie Mellon University), Vibha Gaba (INSEAD), Songcui Hu (University of Arizona) and Dan Levinthal (University of Pennsylvania).  Felipe Csaszar (University of Michigan) will moderate this event. 

    Friday, February 4, 2022:

    STR Teaching Discussion  – Revisiting Core Strategy Teaching – February 4st starting at 12pm ET

    Join us for a discussion of best practices in the teaching of core strategy courses with Anita McGahan (University of Toronto) and Nicolaj Siggelkow (University of Pennsylvania) and Moderators Andrea Contigiani (Ohio State University) and Cheng Gao (University of Michigan). 

    Wednesday, February 9, 2022: 

    STR Writing Retreat:  Reviewing for Conferences and Journals – Best Practices  – February 9th starting at 9am ET.

    Following last year’s very successful iteration, join Catherine Maritan (Syracuse University) for a discussion on reviewing best practices for the first hour and a writing retreat for the second hour.  

    Friday, February 11, 2022:

    STR Meet a Method  – Difference-in-Difference Models in Strategy Research – February 11th starting at 10am ET

    This month, Evan Starr (University of Maryland) will host a panel discussion with Andrew Goodman-Bacon (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) and Jonathan Roth (Brown University) on what can go wrong in diff-in-diff and staggered adoption designs and what to do about it. 

    Wednesday, February 16, 2022:

    STR Debate: When Do Market Versus Non-Market Strategies Help Firms? – February 16st starting at 12pm ET

    The For team includes Helena Barnard (University of Pretoria) and Jonathan Doh (Villanova University) and they will argue that nonmarket strategies are necessary and sufficient conditions for competitive advantage.  The Against team includes Elizabeth Maitland (University of Liverpool) and Christos Pitelis (University of Leeds) and they will argue that any firm can outperform their rivals in any location if they strictly apply market mechanisms.  Ilgaz Arikan (Kent State University) will moderate this event. 

    Wednesday, February 23, 2022: 

    STR :  Post-Docs  – February 23th starting at 9:30am ET.

    This virtual event aims to discuss the pros and cons of post-docs.  Sinzi Dorobantu (New York University and post-doc at Wharton), Panikos Georgallis (University of Amsterdam and post-doc at Michigan), Louise Mors (Copenhagen Business School and post-doc at MIT), Leandro Nardi (currently doing a post-doc at HEC Paris) will share their post-doc experiences and respond to audience questions.  Joao Albino-Pimentel (University of South Carolina) will moderate this event.