Louise Mors

    Dear STR members, my name is Louise Mors, and I am honored to serve as the STR Division Chair for the academic year 2023-2024. This year I will be working with an amazing team of volunteers that all serve the Division in various ways. You may have run into some of them at the annual conference in Boston.

    The STR officers, with the support of the executive, awards, research, and teaching committees all worked hard to put together the program for the annual conference in Boston. In addition to the main program, there were many other informal activities going on: For example, under the leadership of Andy Wu (Harvard U), the membership engagement committee (MEC) organized a number of activities including a STRun, a networking event at Fenway park, and a STR happy hour. The MEC volunteers also helped our members find their way around the conference. Such activities help make STR a welcoming and fun community to be a part of. We are all grateful to the MEC for their hard work for the division.

    The communications team led by Paolo Aversa (King’s College London) made sure that everything that happened at the conference was documented and communicated to our community through the various STR channels. The communications team is very important for our division, as they also help us get content out to the STR members. The members of the communications team all work with different social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, the STR Google Calendar, X (twitter) – also check out the STR podcast content on Spotify). In addition to the regular social media channels, they also work to post our content on BiliBili, so that we also reach the STR community in China. Thank you to all the volunteers for your service and for making STR a fantastic community.

    In Boston, we thanked last year’s volunteers, including Past Division Chair, Heather Berry (Georgetown U). Heather has worked tireless over the past five years to serve and strengthen our division. We are grateful for her outstanding service and contribution to STR and will also miss her on the team. We also welcomed new members to the various committees and, I particularly want to welcome Isin Guler (U North Carolina), Assistant Program Chair, to the officer’s team.

    In addition to all the activities that happen at the annual conference, we now offer many activities between the annual conferences. This year we are also planning several virtual events:

    -       During this academic year, STR will be working under the theme of STR: Impact and Relevance. EC members Richard Whittington (Oxford U), Philipp Meyer-Doyle (INSEAD), Florence Honore (U Wisconsin-Madison), Koen Heimericks (Warwick Business School), and Fabrice Lumineau (U Hong Kong) will put together online events throughout the year that will address various questions under the umbrella of the topic of impact and relevance. Please keep an eye on our calendar on the STR website, as well as the STR discussion space for announcements of these events.

    -       This year, our teaching committee is overseen by Division Chair Elect, Deepak Somaya (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Deepak is working with EC member Juan Santalo (IE U) and the teaching committee to offer virtual teaching events open to all members. Their first event will take place already on the 2nd of November and will be about “Immersive and Activity-Based Learning”.

    -       The global representatives will also organize a couple of virtual events this year, with a focus on outreach to our members outside of North America. Sandro Cabral (Insper) is working with local scholars to organize a virtual paper development workshop for South America on December 8. Please check the discussion board for the announcement and how to sign up for this event.

    -       To socialize our community, the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) will continue to offer sessions that not only connect our members but also help to develop academic skills. Throughout the year, they will be offering workshops on writing, reviewing, and productivity practices in a virtual format. For the AOM Annual Meeting, the MEC will offer a diverse portfolio of in-person events and will recruit volunteers to support STR divisions activities. MEC events serve our whole community but with a particular focus on engaging doctoral students and junior scholars.

    You will find our events on the STR calendar on the STR home page, and we will also make regular announcements on the STR discussion board. These events have now become such an important outlet for our community and help connect all our members across the world.

    I look forward to working with the entire STR team and to seeing many of you at our virtual events.