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STR Goes to China! - STR到中国了!

  • 1.  STR Goes to China! - STR到中国了!

    Posted 06-25-2021 13:28

    Dear STR Members,


    The Covid-19 Pandemic taught us the importance to stay united in these complex contingencies and bring our global community closer despite the distances between us. Our Division's #STRongerTogether initiatives have embodied this aim, and have put the basis of a set of activities which we aim to continue once this pandemic will be over (hopefully soon!).


    With the same aim, we have now decided to close the gap with some of our international communities. As you probably know, most of our #STRongerTogether online initiatives (e.g., Meet the Scholar, Virtual PDWs, Virtual Symposia) are available online on YouTube, and as Podcast via Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and PodBean.

    However, we know that our friends and members in China cannot access Google's services such as YouTube. 

    We have thus decided to mirror our entire YouTube channel into BiliBili, a very popular online video platform which is available in China. The mirroring has now been completed and around 80 videos are available for our followers in China; the channel has already totalled 762 views. We have also started a local promotion campaign through public accounts in WeChat and university websites.


    Of course this would not be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. Yixin Qiu (University of Bayreuth) has recently joined the STR Communications Team, and is now collaborating with Qian (Cecilia) Gu (Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University) and Luigi Mosca (Imperial College) with video editing and video channel management. Thanks Yixin, Cecilia and Luigi!


    Please continue being active participants of our initiatives, follow us online, and if you have friends or colleagues in China, please let them know about this new way of being #STRongerTogether with the STR Division!









    面对新冠疫情的挑战,我们努力在复杂的突发事件中保持团结,也努力在全球的远程距离下紧密相连。以此目标为核心,战略管理分部开展了#STRongerTogether 系列活动,并致力于将其打造成一个延续至疫情后的长期活动 (希望疫情即将结束!)。


    基于此目标,我们正努力拉近此系列活动和各国学者的距离。如大家所知,我们的 #STRongerTogether 系列活动(例如:与见学者,专题研讨,线上会谈等)可在YouTube, Spotify中的, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast 以及 PodBean等在线平台播放。但是,身在中国的学者们却无法访问和使用如YoutTube等基于谷歌的服务平台。




    这一切都有赖于我们优秀的志愿者团队。邱怡欣(拜罗伊特大学)近期加入了战略管理分部的沟通团队,并与顾茜(Cecilia Gu, 佐治亚州立大学罗宾逊商学院)和Luigi Mosca(伦敦帝国理工学院)一同负责视频编辑和播放平台管理。







    Paolo Aversa
    Associate Professor of Strategy
    Cass Business School, City, University of London

    STR Communications Director and Officer