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2022 STR Outstanding Reviewers

  • 1.  2022 STR Outstanding Reviewers

    Posted 08-15-2022 15:43

    As many of you know, it would not be feasible to organize the Academy of Management STR program without the help of the many dedicated reviewers. This year we attracted over 1200 reviewers for the almost 800 submissions. Some of these reviewers went out of their way to provide the submitting authors with constructive and helpful comments.

    Please join me in congratulating and thanking the top 51 reviewers from the 2022 STR Main Program:

    Aras Can Aktan

    Renfei Gao

    Keith Pennington

    Mona Bahl

    Johanna Glauber

    David K Reetz

    Pivithra Balaji

    Ke Gong

    Georg Reischauer

    Erin Bass

    Richard Hunt

    Christine Scheef

    Yevgen Bogodistov

    Dongwook Kim

    Jens Schmidt

    Jonathan Nicholas Bundy

    Kyungsoo Kim

    Adam Steinbach

    Yegor Burda

    Yea Hee Ko

    Emma Youyi Su

    Ana Camara

    Kalin D Kolev

    Wolf-Hendrik Uhlbach

    Julio Cameiro Da Cunha

    Egor Krivosheya

    Aku Valtakoski

    Gary Chapman

    Kaouthar Lajili

    Antoine Vemet

    Christine Choi

    Yoojin Lee

    Lisanne Juliette Veter

    Hyuck David Chung

    Elena Lizunova

    Pushpika Vishwanathan

    Wojciech Czakon

    Tyson Brighton Mackey

    Haifeng Wang

    Dize Dinckol

    Giacomo Marchesini

    Han Wu

    Steven S Dionne

    Scott Mitchell

    Xu Yan

    Thomas Draschbacher

    Siddarth Najarajan

    Yuting Yang

    Andy El-Zayaty

    Temitope Oladimeji

    Michele Yoder


    The STR officer team deeply appreciates the contributions put forth by these exceptional individuals, as well as our entire reviewer team. And, remember please sign up to review for the 2023 conference!


    2022 STR Officers Tim, Heather, Michael, Louise, and Deepak

    Marie Louise Mors
    Copenhagen Business School