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AoM Nomination System Opens in February - We Want Your Nominees for STR Division Positions

  • 1.  AoM Nomination System Opens in February - We Want Your Nominees for STR Division Positions

    Posted 01-23-2023 19:31
    Edited by Laura D'Oria 01-23-2023 19:31


    The AoM Nominations system will open soon (in February).  Please think about who you would like to see running the STR Division!

    We need nominations for both the Executive Committee and Assistant Program Chair and the STR Specialized Committees.  All nominees need to be members of the STR Division, meet the requirements for the position and agree to run.  For EC and Officer positions, other STR members must nominate you and for specialized committees, we accept both self and other-member nominations.  Below are descriptions of all of the STR positions we will be filling this spring (to start in August, 2023). 

    STR Executive Committee and Assistant Program Chair: 

    The STR Executive Committee, and the 5- year officer term commencing with the position of Assistant Program Chair, are critical for ensuring the continued vibrancy of the STR Division. Please consider these opportunities to serve the Division, and nominate in February qualified members to stand for election by the whole STR membership.

    Executive Committee: The twelve Executive Committee (EC) members assist officers and take leadership and liaison roles in various committees and activities of the Division. Together with the officers, the EC members help govern the Division and are essential for maintaining and updating Division policies. EC members participate in several meetings throughout the year. All nominated members in good standing will be considered for the ballot. Any member who receives nominations from at least 10 other STR members in good standing will be automatically included on the ballot, but a single nomination suffices for a member to be considered for the ballot by the current EC. The Division membership will elect six new Executive Committee members, each serving a two year term.
    Assistant Program Chair: The Division membership will elect the Assistant Program Chair. This person will serve a five year term, serving as Assistant Program Chair (also referred to as the PDW Chair), then Program Chair, then Division Chair Elect, then Division Chair, then Past Division Chair. This position leads to the highest levels of responsibility over all activities within the STR Division. Nominees for Assistant Program Chair must have served previously on the STR Executive Committee (including its BPS and BPP predecessors).


    STR Specialized Committees:

     The STR Specialized Committee members play an essential role in organizing some of our Division's most important events at the annual conference and beyond. Please consider these opportunities to serve the Division and nominate qualified members who will stand for selection by the Executive Committee. Self-nominations are welcome for these committees.

     Awards Committee (AC): The ten member Awards Committee is primarily tasked with selecting the winners of the Division's most prestigious awards: the Irwin Award for teaching excellence, the Guth Distinguished Service Award, and the Distinguished Scholarship Award. Members of the Awards Committee should be distinguished scholars from our academic community who can assess the contributions of other distinguished scholars. We will appoint five new AC members, each serving a two year term.
    Global Representatives Committee: STR has six Global Representatives for Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Oceania, and South America. The Global Representatives serve to make the Academy of Management accessible to scholars from all regions of the world, bringing news from their region to the whole STR membership, and facilitating STR activities in their local communities. Specifically, the Global Representatives organize a yearly PDW for participants from regions that are under-represented at the annual conference, and liaise with panelists including active research scholars and journal editors. Further, Global Representatives promote and support the Division's interests at regional meetings held in their respective area of the world, and may lead workshop initiatives in their regions that are of benefit to Division (and potential Division) members. Global Representatives are based at institutions in the region they represent and serve three year terms. For 2023, STR is specifically looking for a new Global Representative for Asia and another representative for Oceania. 
    Membership Engagement Committee (MEC): The nine MEC members organize various social activities and social-academic events during the annual conference and throughout the year. This committee is especially well suited for those with creative ideas and a desire to promote outreach and inclusion! We seek MEC members who are representative of our membership – with diversity across geographic regions, gender, research and teaching interests – all the better to understand and serve the needs of the Division's members. We will appoint three new MEC members, each serving a three year term.
    Research Committee (RC): The twenty-four Research Committee members are primarily tasked with selecting the finalists and winners for the best conference papers and best dissertations. The RC may also be called upon to advise the division about the direction of the field and how to serve members' research needs. Members of the Research Committee should be at the forefront of research while possessing sufficient academic maturity, including reviewing and editorial experience, to assess diverse streams of research. We will appoint twelve new RC members, each serving a two year term.
    Teaching Committee (TC): The eight Teaching Committee members serve the teaching and teacher education needs of the Division's membership. Teaching committee members organize the annual STR Junior Faculty Teaching Consortium and two PDWs at the annual conference. They may also be involved with non-conference initiatives such as gathering online resources or facilitating webinars. Members of the research committee should be proven and creative teachers who are committed to supporting other STR scholars in the pursuit of teaching excellence and innovation. We will appoint four new TC members, each serving two year terms.


    Nomination Guidelines: Please nominate candidates on the Academy of Management nomination website during the month of February 2023.  The AOM staff will send a mass email notification to all active members of the Academy, notifying them that the nomination website is open and providing a link and login information. The Executive Committee will select members of specialized committees from among the respective nominees.

    Nominees may stand for election provided they: (1) are members in good standing of the STR Division, (2) are nominated by other STR members as indicated above for the EC and Assistant Program Chair positions (self-nominations for other positions are fine), (3) meet the requirements of the position (see above), and (4) agree to run for the position. The Spring 2023 ballot will include a subset of nominations that are selected by the current Executive Committee.

    Thank you for your involvement in identifying those dedicated to STR. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Heather Berry (Past Division Chair) at aomstrheather@gmail.com

    Heather Berry
    Past-Division Chair, STR Division