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AOM Symposium on Entrepreneurial Scaling - August 8th

  • 1.  AOM Symposium on Entrepreneurial Scaling - August 8th

    Posted 8 days ago
    Please join us on Monday, August 8th at 8:30 am PST for a symposium on Entrepreneurial Scaling. It will be held in the Seattle Convention Center, Room 310 (in a hybrid format). More information can be found here. 

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track: Entrepreneurial Scaling (session 1113)

    We propose to examine: how do young ventures manage the growth of their organizations and markets as they scale; what approaches account for successful scaling; and how do these approaches vary across contexts? While much research has focused on the founding (e.g., Stuart and Ding, 2006; Shane, 2000; Levine and Rubenstein, 2017) and the later stages (e.g., Nelson, 2003; Hoehn-Weiss and Karim, 2014) of the entrepreneurial life cycle, little work has assessed the in- between "scaling" stage when ventures make critical decisions about the growth of their markets and teams. We propose to bring together four papers presented by a panel of Natalie Carlson (Wharton Business School), Gary Dushnitsky (London Business School), Rembrand Koning (Harvard Business School), and Nataliya Langburd Wright (Harvard Business School), discussed by Ranjay Gulati (Harvard Business School) and Melissa Schilling (New York University). We will reveal the novel mechanisms which shape the scaling process of young ventures and how they vary across institutional and sectoral environments.

    Stay the Course or Start Over? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
    Natalie Carlson; The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
    Anselm Hager; Humboldt U. of Berlin

    Explaining Scaling Disparities Across Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: the Role of Strategy
    Nataliya Wright; Harvard Business School

    The Uneven Benefits of Silicon Valley: Scaling Technology and Inequality
    Rembrand Michael Koning; Harvard Business School
    Maria Roche; Harvard Business School

    Entrepreneurial Access in the Era of Low Code Tools
    Gary Dushnitsky; London Business School

    Nataliya Wright
    PhD Candidate
    Harvard Business School