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Call for STR Division Membership Engagement Committee Chair Applications

  • 1.  Call for STR Division Membership Engagement Committee Chair Applications

    Posted 05-22-2022 16:57
    Edited by Heather Berry 05-22-2022 16:57

    Call for STR Division Membership Engagement Committee Chair Applications

    We are seeking self-nominations for the STR Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) Chair position, to start after the 2022 annual AOM conference and to run for a three-year term.  This position is appointed by the STR Division Chair, with approval from the other officers and input from the current MEC Chair.

    For more information about this position, please see position information below and/or contact the current MEC Chair, Bilgehan Uzunca at bilgehan.uzunca@esade.edu with questions. 

    How to Apply

    Interested volunteers should submit a brief (i.e., < 500 words) statement of interest that answers the following questions:

    1. a) Why are you interested in the Membership Engagement Chair position for the Strategic Management Division?
    2. b) What are your qualifications for the position (what skills can you bring and contribute to the STR division)?

    Applications are due by June 15 2022 and should be emailed STR Division Chair Heather Berry (aomstrheather@gmail.com ). Please make sure the phrase "Membership Engagement Chair" is in the subject line of the email.


    Strategic Management Division – Membership Engagement Chair Description

    The STR Membership Engagement Chair oversees the members of the Membership Engagement Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to engage the STR division's members at the annual Academy of Management meeting and through virtual events throughout the year.  The person in this position will coordinate the activities of the MEC Committee volunteers, and will also work closely with the STR Communications Director and STR Division Officers and reports to the STR Division Chair.

    The Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) Chair is expected to attend the entire annual meeting. The activities coordinated by the person serving in this position include:

    1. Overseeing the MEC Committee, which includes nine volunteers who organize and offer conference social activities and non-conference social and professional development events throughout the year
    2. AOM Annual Conference Related Activities (along with four MEC Committee members):
      1. Coordinating with the STR Division Elected Officers to recruit a group of STR Ambassadors (these are PhD student volunteers, typically we need 25-30), and assigning them to various tasks during the annual meetings, and coordinating their activities (for example, handing out giveaways or drink tickets, leading members from hotels to offsite events).  Events that may need help include:  the STR doctoral, dissertation, new faculty, mid-career, and teaching consortia, Managing your Dissertation workshop, Jr Faculty paper development workshop, plenary session, business meeting, STR social, and any offsite events, also the AOM new student doctoral consortium and the new member events.
      2. Coordinating with STR Elected Officers to organize and advertise onsite and offsite events for members at the annual meeting and to help recruit new members to the division
        1. Helping to organize the STR Social at the conference, especially if the event is off-site (this may involve working with local organizers and other volunteers)
        2. May involve organizing local events that require members to cover their own costs – and these have been popular in the past. If the price for the event is in the range of $20-$40, attendance has been over 75 members.  Organizing these events requires planning and communication on how participants can register and pre-pay.
      3. Coordinating communication about onsite and offsite activities to STR members, including working with the Communications Director and preparing an email to send from the Division Chair
      4. Serving as the STR division contact for the AOM membership committee. Help solicit division representatives to staff new member events at the annual meeting (e.g. these include the new member hospitality suite, new member orientation, and possibly others as announced by the AOM membership committee)
      5. Assisting in finding division representatives to staff the AoM's New Doctoral Student Consortium
    3. STR Non-Conference Related Virtual Activities (along with five MEC Committee members):
      1. Organizing and offering virtual professional development workshop and social/networking types of events throughout the year.  These activities are coordinated with the STR Division Chair and have involved writing workshops, alternative career path workshops, and panel discussions on productivity and work-life balance, for example, in addition to virtual social hours around different themes (including cultural or regional cafes). 
    4. Participating in the STR Executive Committee's two annual executive committee meetings. One is at the annual AOM meetings in August. The other (the winter meeting) is usually held in March at a location that varies annually. (Travel to the winter meeting is partially subsidized by the STR division.)
    5. Assisting with identifying your replacement at the end of the term, and helping with a smooth transition.

    Heather Berry
    STR Division Chair