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Don't Miss! Professor Stephen R. Barley, Hughes Award Winner, gives the CAR Plenary Address

  • 1.  Don't Miss! Professor Stephen R. Barley, Hughes Award Winner, gives the CAR Plenary Address

    Posted 8 days ago

    ***Apologies for cross-posting***
    We hope you have seen our full program of CAR events at this week's AOM Annual Meeting in Seattle, and would like to highlight one of our many sessions that may be of particular interest to you. We are pleased to invite you to hear from the esteemed scholar, Professor Stephen R. Barley. The Careers Division Plenary session will be held from 3:00-4:30pm on Monday, 8 August at the Seattle Convention Center, Chelan 2. The session is presented in a hybrid format so that both in-person and virtual registrants may participate.

    Professor Stephen R. Barley is the newest recipient of the Careers Division's highest honor: the Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship. This award recognizes a scholar whose work builds a bridge between research on careers and other areas of organizational inquiry. Professor Barley clearly embodies the spirit of the award; the breadth of his influence spans the whole field of management and organization studies, but at its heart, his body of research is about the experience of work and careers in organizations.

    He is Distinguished Professor and the Christian A. Felipe Chair in Technology Management, College of Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara and Professor Emeritus, The Richard Weiland Professor of Management Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Stanford University, where he arrived some 28 years ago after spending the first 10 years of his academic career at Cornell. In over 100 articles and several books, Professor Barley's influence on the whole field of organization studies has been enormous. His careful, rich ethnographic studies of work and occupations have been critical to understanding how organizations and individuals interact. His seminal chapter on career scripts in the 1989 Handbook of Career Theory has shaped the way we see careers in the broader context of individuals and institutions. His ideas have had a deep influence on careers research, while connecting it to research and theory on work, occupations, institutions, and technology. And, given that his own work has roots that reach into E.C. Hughes' work, it is especially appropriate that Professor Barley receive this award.

    The Everett Cherrington Hughes Award recognizes scholarship that has made a significant contribution to the task of linking careers research with the broader field of organization studies. It is the Careers Division's premier award, a way of honoring those who have worked to build bridges between careers and other areas of organizational inquiry. There is no requirement, express or implied, that the recipient of the award be a current or former member of the Careers Division, or of the Academy. This award acknowledges scholars whose work has forged connections between careers and other fields of social inquiry. The award carries, with the permission of his family, the name of Everett Cherrington Hughes. It does so to commemorate his influential role in establishing careers as an object of scholarly study, but more particularly because it rewards the kind of contribution his work embodied. Past recipients of the award are Edgar Schein, Tim Hall, Lotte Bailyn, Michael Arthur, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Barbara Lawrence, Kathy Kram, John van Maanen, and Denise Rousseau.

    We are grateful for Steve Barley's contributions to the intellectual community of careers researchers. As is our tradition, we invite Professor Barley's to deliver a plenary address in Seattle, and very much look forward to it. We hope you will join us either in person or online.

    And a reminder: there is much more to see on our program, check it out here.

    With kind regards,

    Denise Jepsen

    CAR Division Program Chair

    Gina Dokko
    UC Davis
    Davis CA