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Help needed: Scale(s) on Grand Challenges

  • 1.  Help needed: Scale(s) on Grand Challenges

    Posted 11-22-2022 12:47

    Hi community... apologies for cross-postings

    For a research & education project, we are looking for validated scales to measure how managers evaluate and make sense of grand challenges, particularly in technology, the environment, and society. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

    More info
    What we need: questionnaires about (i) the impact of current changes in technology (e.g., AI), the environment (e.g., global warming), and society (e.g., identity issues) on organizations; and (ii) how organizations cope with those by changes in strategy and/or organization

    What for: questionnaires will be submitted to senior managers as part of a research project integrated in a graduate Strategy course for ±1000 students at emlyon business school, a top 5 business school in France.

    What next: open for discussion toward potential collaborations!

    Thanks in advance!


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