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My new book, Global Meets Digital

  • 1.  My new book, Global Meets Digital

    Posted 05-19-2023 21:23

    I am pleased to inform you that my book, Global Meets Digital, being released on June 2, is now available on preorder.  

    Vinod K. Jain, Global Meets Digital: Global Strategy for Digital Businesses – Digital Strategy for Global Businesses (New York and London: Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Productivity Press)

    Brief Description: The world today is at the intersection of two megatrends – Globalization and Digitalization – a business revolution unfolding in real time. Global Meets Digital captures the many nuances of this revolution succinctly, including its impact on our lives and business. An immediate implication of this revolution is that the economic principles that underpinned business and strategy for hundreds of years, such as diminishing returns to scale and resource scarcity, are no longer valid for a large and growing number of products and services. The book will challenge you to think differently not just about digital products, but also about physical products.

    With several mini case studies and over 100 company examples, the book covers themes and cutting-edge issues like the paradox of globalization, digital disruption, disruptive business models, exponential technologies, Internet of Things, competition in digital markets, winner-take-all market dynamics, Industry 4.0, how to innovate, strategizing for the New Normal, and value creation and value capture in both B2C and B2B contexts.

    Two Advance Reviews:

    "This 'must-read' book for students and executives is a deeply reasoned and authoritative review of how digitalization speeds the international expansion of service providers like Netflix or Spotify, but it also covers examples of companies that provide physical products to global markets, such as Nestlé, Bosch, Starbucks, and Peloton. For the latter category of firms selling tangible products, digitalization has not only speeded up innovation, but for several it has entailed a fundamental organizational restructuring of their global operations and strategy decisions such as the choice between internal development and production versus strategic alliances versus acquiring foreign companies.

    The book is a "deep dive" into one of the fundamental changes occurring in business today – as evidenced by as many as 264 useful references on the subject. Yet, at the same time, it is written in language accessible to students and executives, with lessons for strategy clearly delineated. This book should be essential reading."

    -         Dr. Farok J. Contractor, Distinguished Professor in Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School, New Brunswick & Newark, New Jersey

    "It is rare to find a book on business strategy that combines the scope and depth of Vinod's understanding of strategy with the rigor of academic research that is as accessible in clear prose to the multinational executive who needs to formulate a strategy that is executable. He provides a terrific framework at the intersection of economics, strategy, and technology for understanding the dynamic dialectical process of the global (thesis) meeting digital (antithesis) that enables one to see opportunities and exigencies in the resulting synthesis in ways far superior to vain efforts to predict the future."

    -         R. Lemuel Lasher, Chairman, Leading Edge Only, Ltd., former Vice President-Strategic Projects and Chief Innovation Officer, Computer Sciences Corporation

    For more reviews by academics and senior/top-level executives, please visit any of the following:

    Amazon                          Barnes & Noble                                      Routledge

    The book is available on preorder from most online booksellers, in the U.S. and abroad, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble, and the publisher (Routledge).

    For my bio and more information about me, please visit:

    www.vinodjain.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinodkjain/.

    Best regards,

    Vinod Jain

    Vinod Jain
    Former: Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick
    Ashburn VA
    (301) 651-2818