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SMS Human Capital IG Mentoring Program: Call for Participants for 2022-2023 Year

  • 1.  SMS Human Capital IG Mentoring Program: Call for Participants for 2022-2023 Year

    Posted 8 days ago

    The Strategic Human Capital Interest Group is now accepting applications for the Pre-Tenure Mentoring Program 2022-2023 academic year. This year-long program aims to provide opportunities for mentoring pre-tenure faculty from senior faculty and peers doing research in the strategic human capital space. With the ongoing pandemic, we believe the mentoring program will continue serving the need for structured mentoring of pre-tenure faculty. We just had a successful third year of the program, and we thank our incredible mentors-Sekou Bermiss, Matthew Bidwell, Rocio Bonet, Ben Campbell, Clint Chadwick, Russ Coff, Caroline Flammer, Martin Ganco, Rebecca Kehoe, David Kryscynski, Denisa Mindruta, Tom Moliterno, Janice Molloy, Anthony Nyberg, and Greg Reilly-who provided life-changing mentorship and support to our pre-tenure faculty last year.  We also thank our rep-at-large Federica De Stefano for providing invaluable support in organizing the program last year. 

    This year's program will kick off in September. The format for the mentoring program will be small groups consisting of 2 senior faculty mentors and 4 pre-tenure faculty. The groups are matched on mutual preferences, and the groups will stay intact for a year, connecting on quarterly calls via teleconferencing throughout the year. We provide sufficient structure for the quarterly calls and offer enough flexibility for groups to organize themselves to best serve their needs. 

    This year's program will have the following structure (all meetings will be over Zoom):

    • Program kickoff and orientation – the last week of September
    • Four quarterly group calls – Oct, Jan, Apr, July – exact dates to be determined by groups
    • Two topic calls "Mind of an Editor" and "Tenure Letter Writers," featuring journal editors and senior scholars – calls in Dec and April
    • Brownbag series

    Application Requirements:

    To apply to participate in the program, please complete this short Google form by August 15, 2022:  https://forms.gle/XHomv9LhsG8u6Fd3A 

    The application is open to all. The participants will be invited to join the Strategic Human Capital Interest Group at the SMS if they are not members already. Participants are expected to attend all mentoring program meetings.

    We will review the applications and notify participants by September 1, 2022. 

    As we aim to maintain a good ratio of mentors to participants, the size of the program may be limited by the number of mentors. Should we need to select applicants, we will give priority to those who have not participated yet and, if needed, draw randomly among them.

    Summary of the main time commitments:

    • Orientation (last week of Sept)-exact date and time TBD
    • Program kickoff (last week of Sept)-exact date and time TBD
    • Group quarterly calls (Oct, Jan, Apr, July)-TBD by groups
    • Topic calls (Dec, April)-TBD by organizers
    • Brown bags-TBD by organizers 

    Please send any questions to Ulya Tsolmon (utsolmon@wustl.edu) and Moshe Barach (mbarach@umn.edu).

    Ulya Tsolmon
    Assistant Professor
    Washington University in St. Louis
    Saint Louis MO
    (314) 935-6335