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Strategy Science - March 2024 issue

  • 1.  Strategy Science - March 2024 issue

    Posted 04-11-2024 10:06
    Dear Friends of Strategy Science,

    I am pleased to share with you the March 2024 issue of Strategy Science, which features five great papers:
    • In an increasing number of circumstances, giving innovation designs away for free is more profitable for innovating firms than is IP protection. This paper explains why, and offers data commons as a general solution to "the management of free innovation".
    • We show how the vast complexity of cultures can be analyzed in terms of building blocks called "codes"- each a fuzzy mapping between two types of concepts. 
    • Why might established firms be slow to adopt new technologies? We find that some may optimally forgo new technologies that don't fit their strategy and organizational choices.
    • This paper describes how the World Management Survey (WMS) can be a useful tool for replication. We describe the data and key strategy questions the WMS could address, including the fit between activities, managing in institutional voids, and SHRM.
    • Using an inferred pattern analysis, we challenge conventional wisdom that the causal mechanism underlying the industry experience–venture survival relationship involves applying industry-specific knowledge. We propose empirically-grounded alternative causal mechanisms.
    Please enjoy these papers and share them with your colleagues.  Also, please connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter.


    Todd Zenger