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STRonger Together PhD Networkshops

  • 1.  STRonger Together PhD Networkshops

    Posted 03-30-2024 23:09

    STRonger Together PhD Networkshops 

    When: May 23rd and May 28h

    Where: Zoom (link available after registration and admission)

    Registration: https://forms.gle/UJrjP8Q8DDQP17878

    STRonger Together Networkshops are a series of online workshops for late-stage PhD students, post-doc or equivalent, i.e., those who expect to be on the job market next academic year (2024-25). Our goal is to provide a forum for these students to interact with senior faculty and peers in their relevant area and get some early feedback on their potential job market papers. The workshops will be conducted online (via Zoom) in a round table discussion format, with 4-5 PhD students and one senior discussant spending an hour talking about the students' research ideas. The workshops will last two hours so each student will be matched with two senior discussants.  

    At present, we have two workshops scheduled:

    May 23rd from 10 am to 12 pm Paris time (GMT+1)

    Panelists: Michael Bikard, Linus Dahlander, Giada Di Stefano, Kenneth Huang, Tobias Kretschmer, Bala Vissa, Heli Wang and Pavel Zhelyakov

    Moderator: Philipp Meyer-Doyle

    May 28th from 12 pm to 2pm New York time (GMT-5)

    Panelists: Donald Bergh, Felipe Csaszar, J.P. Eggers, Aline Gatignon, Jiao Luo and Atul Nerkar

    Moderator: Florence Honoré

    Interested students who expect to be on the job market next academic year may sign up for these workshops by April 23rd 11 pm New York time (GMT-5). Students accepted to the workshop will be notified by May 13th, and will receive a Zoom link to the workshop and other logistical details after date. We cannot guarantee acceptance to the workshops and priority will be given to students close to the job market. If you have any questions, please email honore@wisc.edu

    Florence Honore
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Madison WI