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What strategy cases do you use?

  • 1.  What strategy cases do you use?

    Posted 05-25-2022 01:28

    Recently both HBS and the Case Centre (formerly ECCH) have sent around emails listing their most popular cases.

    Twice over the last decade I have surveyed strategy faculty about what they teach and how they teach. Here's in part what I discovered:
    • 82% of strategy faculty use cases in their courses.
    • The majority of faculty use textbooks without cases, and then select their cases from other sources.
    • The most important sources for cases are self-organized material and Harvard Business School cases.
    What are the most popular cases the surveyed faculty use? I have assembled a "case map" that incorporates the results of this survey. You can find it here on the support site for my text Strategic Management 7e (2022):

    Click on any case. Here you will find summary details about the case (e.g. length, presence of financial statements, accompanying teaching note), and descriptions of how the case can be used in class.

    Please feel free to use this in your course planning.

    With all best wishes,