• Message from STR Division Chair Heather Berry

    Hello STR Members!

    My name is Heather Berry and I am the STR Division Chair for the 2021-2022 academic year, leading a fantastic group of volunteers.  The STR Division has two long-standing goals.  These are: 1.) advancing the creation and dissemination of strategic management research, and 2.)  connecting members of the global strategic management community both to each other and to other scholars in related fields.  After taking the month of September as a break, we are back to planning events for the 2021-2022 academic year, including both the 2022 August Annual Conference and non-conference activities to achieve both of these goals. 

    I want to highlight a couple of research, teaching and social activities that we are working on for this academic year:

    • On the research front, we will be offering virtual panel discussions throughout the year of methods that strategic management researchers use (“Meet the Method” virtual panels).  EC Member Tomasz Obloj will be overseeing these and he will be using the STR Daily Digest to solicit member input on methods you would like included in this series (so look out for his survey). We will also continue to offer virtual research symposia within each of the eight STR Division Research Tracks.  EC Member Gwen Lee is overseeing these sessions and she has tapped into the STR Research Committee to develop these symposia.  In addition, we will be offering some experimental virtual research sessions this year, including “Meet the Theory” virtual panels on influential theories in strategic management and debates within and across research areas, in addition to other events that will be structured in a variety of ways.  EC Member Mahka Moeen will be overseeing these experimental virtual sessions.
    • Our teaching committee is being run by Division Chair Elect Michael Leiblein this year and Michael and his team will be offering virtual teaching events open to all members, in addition to offering new content on the STR Teaching tab on the STR website.
    • Our Global Reps have created two paper development workshops for the year, including an STR Paper Development Workshop in Brazil on November 26th and an STR Paper Development Workshop for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean starting on January 10, 2022.
    • On the social front, our MEC committee members will continue to offer sessions that not only connect our members but also help to develop skills.  They will be offering writing/reviewing workshops, productivity workshops (with all STR emerging scholar winners), cultural cafes, in addition to continuing their series on alternative career paths.  They also have an STR runner’s club you might want to check out.

    Events will be posted to the STR Calendar as they are finalized (available on our homepage and easily added to your google calendar), in addition to being advertised using the STR Daily Digest.

    The planning for the 2022 August Annual Meeting is underway and AOM has announced that the 2022 Annual Conference will take using a hybrid format.  While this hybrid format has not been finalized, it will likely involve a combination of onsite sessions and virtual only sessions (with some onsite sessions streamed live and accessible to virtual participants).  I will share information as I learn more about the format. 

    I would like to encourage you to start thinking about nominees for STR teaching and career awards we will bestow at the 2022 Annual Conference.  Division Chair Elect Michael Leiblein and the STR Awards Committee will be seeking your nominations this fall (and will post more information about this year’s awards soon).     

    And finally, this year we will be using an AOM tool called the “Announcement Widget” for your elected STR officers to communicate with members.  These announcements (like this one) will appear at the top of the STR Daily Digest under the title “Announcements” (above the normal “Discussion” threads that include all member postings).  I hope this helps to highlight STR leadership information in your inbox.

    I look forward to seeing you at many STR events throughout the year!