• AoM 2023 Officer Recording & STR Conference Events

    The 2023 AoM Conference starts at the end of this week! 

    This announcement calls attention to a recording developed by your officers and the time and location of several notable STR events at the annual meeting. 

    The 2023 STR Officer recording is designed to broadly disseminate information regarding the “state of the division” to our members.  This recording summarizes several of the activities we completed this year and expresses our gratitude for the work completed by the nearly 100 STR members who contributed to our division this year. By publicly sharing this recording, we hope to increase the level of transparency regarding our efforts and allow us to spend more time recognizing and celebrating those making award-winning contributions to our field during the in-person meeting.  This recording is available here.

    This announcement also calls attention to the time and location of a subset of the STR events at the annual meeting. While there are far too many fantastic symposia, paper sessions, and professional development events on the AoM program to list here, this announcement highlights events of general interest to STR members, including some locally organized events by the STR Membership Engagement Committee. 

    I look forward to seeing you in Boston and invite you to approach me or other STR officers during the annual meeting!

    Sunday, August 6th

    8:00 AM: STR Irwin Award Breakfast: Coffee with Irwin Award Winner Aks Zaheer sponsored by the STR Division and the U of Minnesota. Marriott Copley Plaza, Tremont Room

    9:00-10:00 AM: STR Irwin Award Celebration: Join the STR community in honoring the 2023 Irwin Award Winner, Aks Zaheer.  Marriott Copley Plaza, Tremont Room

    Monday, August 8th

    7:30-8:30 AM: STR Plenary Breakfast: Coffee with plenary speakers David Collis, Emilie Feldman, Alfonso Gambardella, Brian Silverman, and Harbir Singh. Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon E

    8:30-10:00 AM: STR Plenary “Should we Revisit the Fundamental Issues in Strategic Management?” with David Collis, Emilie Feldman, Alfonso Gambardella, Brian Silverman, and Harbir Singh. Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon E

    4:00-5:45 PM: STR Best Dissertation Finalists’ Presentations, Marriott Copley Plaza, Wellesley

    6:00-7:00 PM: STR In-Person Business Meeting, Marriott Copley Plaza, Wellesley

    7:00-8:30 PM: STR Social, Marriott Copley Plaza, Salon F

    STR MEC Locally Organized Events

    Friday, August 5th:

    7:10 PM: STR Division Experience Fenway Park Event, 4 Jersey Street (contact Carlos Inoue at

    Saturday, August 5th

    3:30 PM: STR Happy Hour at the Night Shift Esplanade, Meet outside Huntington Ave entrance of Westin Copley Place at 3:15 pm (contact Keith Pennington at

    Sunday, August 7th

    7:00 AM: STR Charles River Run, Meet on Boston side of the Harvard Bridge, a 15-minute walk from the Marriott Copley Place (contact Meet Aldona Kapacinskaite at & Thomaz Teodorovicz at

    10:00 AM. AOM Soccer Cup. Meet at Harvard athletic fields, 65 North Harvard Street (contact Carlos Inoue at