• Please Review for the AOM STR Division in 2022

    Happy new year from STR!

    I am excited to receive your submissions for the annual conference in Seattle. And please also sign up to review. Do you know how many submissions the STR division expects every year? Over the last few years, our division has attracted close to 1,000 paper and symposia submissions. Given our goal to identify three reviews per submission, this implies a need for 3,000 reviews each year.

    It follows that the success of our program depends critically on our ability to attract many hundreds of high-quality reviewers and thousands of high-quality reviews for the scholarly program. We therefore hope that you will join our reviewer team and help select the papers for inclusion in the program and provide developmental feedback to authors who submit their work to the division. In addition to being a part of your service to our field, reviewing offers you the opportunity to develop as scholars, to see and shape trends in our field, and to help ensure the field of strategic management continues to provide valuable and distinctive scholarship contributions.

    I count on, and thank you in advance, for your willingness to volunteer and contribute to the program by providing thoughtful and timely reviews. The AOM review system is at  and directs you to sign up as a reviewer.  The STR Division will ask you to review about three submissions starting after the January 11th submission deadline. Your reviewer assignment will be based on the topic codes that you indicate to represent your areas of expertise. This ensures an efficient and productive experience when reviewing for STR! More resources for reviewers are available at

    Please sign up to review for STR! The strategic management field needs your input. The STR division needs your help. I greatly appreciate your service. 

    Louise Mors

    STR Program Chair