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Message from the STR Program Chair - Call for Submissions

  • 1.  Message from the STR Program Chair - Call for Submissions

    Posted 12-05-2021 16:20
    Message from the STR Program Chair
    Call for Submissions to 2022 AoM Conference


     Louise Mors


    The 2022 Academy of Management (AOM) annual meeting will be held in Seattle from Friday, August 5th through Tuesday, August 9th. AOM has announced that the conference will be hybrid. The virtual part of the program will run from August 4th to August 10th and will include both live and asynchronous sessions. In addition, a selection of sessions will be live streamed from Seattle to allow for participation for those members that are unable to travel to Seattle. The STR team is hard at work trying to organize the program in a way that we hope will benefit all of our members and support the development of the field of Strategic Management. This message outlines what we know about the program at this time. The STR division anticipates that the AOM central office will provide additional information about the exact format of the 2022 conference in the coming weeks.

    The AOM aims to advance the teaching, learning, research, and practice of management. The AOM conference theme for 2022 is "Creating a better world together." As stated by AOM vice president and program chair Sharon Alvarez in her introduction of the 2022 theme, "many organizations and the world's social structures have been vastly challenged, and, in some cases devastated, by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the broad social unrest of the last couple of years" This year's conference theme challenges all members of the academy to consider the ways in which our research and teaching engages organizations, managers, students and other stakeholders to create a better future. 

    The STR Division supports the AOM in advancing the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of strategic management. The overall conference theme invites us to consider how theories of strategic management shed light on and challenge firms to create a better world. On the other hand, we can also consider how the recent changes in the environment affect how we think about issues of central importance to strategic management. We invite members of the STR Division to submit paper and symposium proposals that contribute to the overall theme of this year's meeting or to the distinctive questions and issues addressed by the field of strategic management. Paper and symposium proposals could address the overall theme by addressing questions such as: (1) How do firms compete in times of ambiguity or deep uncertainty? (2) How can firms incorporate social considerations into their corporate strategies so that they have real impact? (3) What are the effects on resource allocation and how we organize work ? (4) Are different disciplinary theories or methodologies required for firms to address the particular strategy problems that arise when faced with a global pandemic or social unrest? Paper and symposium proposals may also address fundamental issues in topical areas such as behavioral strategy, strategic factor markets, corporate and international strategy, relational strategy, nonmarket strategy, strategic entrepreneurship, competitive strategy, knowledge, learning and innovation, strategic leadership, and corporate governance. For more information about the AOM theme and the conference in general, please visit http://aom.org/annualmeeting/theme/.

    The scale of the STR Division, as well as the hybrid nature of this year's conference has implications for the format of the conference. Our scale allows us to combine sessions into tracks within our division. This structure helps us to foster interaction among scholars working on similar strategic problems, engaging with particular theories, or leveraging related statistical methods. Yet, we remain mindful of the need to help integrate research in our field and thereby bring scholars together across different focus areas. In addition, we hope to organize a large number of symposia and selected shared paper sessions to encourage work in emerging areas of strategic management research and to stimulate valuable conversations across disciplines and divisions. This will give our members great opportunities to learn about new developments in different research domains and to build new connections across research streams. I will be managing the process for the 2022 conference with the help of Executive Committee members Elisa Alvarez Garrido (University of South Carolina), Metin Sengul (Boston College), and Donal Crilly (London Business School).

    Submissions: I would like to thank our continuing members and scholars who have submitted their research to the STR Division in prior years. Your contributions enrich our community. Please continue submitting your best research papers and most creative symposia! We also encourage Ph.D. students or other scholars who have not yet submitted to the AOM or to the STR Division to do so. Symposia offer wonderful opportunities for us to foster research collaborations and meaningful scholarly dialogue. The most attractive symposia are those that address important problems within the strategic management field, combine different theoretical lenses or research methodologies to examine such problems, and therefore promise significant advances to our research and teaching. For STR symposia submissions, please state clearly whether you prefer the symposium to be virtual or in-person. However, we cannot guarantee that your preference will be met.

    Submission Deadline: The submission deadline for next year's conference is Tuesday, 11 January 2022 at 17:00 (5pm) ET (NY Time). The AOM submission system is already open. The STR Division maintains the same submission requirements as the Academy of Management. Please consult the Academy of Management website for useful information and submission requirements - including details about the hybrid format of the conference - as we have no further information or control over the submission process.

    Reviewers Needed! We strongly encourage all who are submitting to the STR Division to volunteer to review for the STR Division. The reviewer sign-up system can be accessed at https://review.aom.org/.

    Marie Louise Mors
    Copenhagen Business School