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STRonger Together Meet the Scholar - July

  • 1.  STRonger Together Meet the Scholar - July

    Posted 06-15-2020 18:11
    Edited by R. Michael Holmes 06-25-2020 11:22


    Who: All STR members

    What: A two hour candid interview and conversation with one of the most distinguished scholars in our field

    When: Each weekday of July into first week of August (July 6 – August 6, 2020)


    STRonger Together Meet the Scholar sessions offer the opportunity for our community to get to know a prominent Strategic Management scholar through a candid conversation. Sessions will begin with an interview by moderators asking scholars a wide range of questions, including: where did they grow up, what made them pursue a career in academia, how have their research interests evolved, what were some challenges and triumphs along the way, what advice would they give to new scholars, what unanswered questions do they think we should pursue, who is their favorite author, and more! Each interview will be followed by discussion and Q&A between session participants and our guest scholar. Our goal is to build our community, share wisdom, be inspired, have some good laughs, and get to know our colleagues a little better. You will receive your Zoom links upon registration for sessions. If you have any questions please email Samina Karim, STR Division Chair, at aomsamina@gmail.com. A flyer is available here.


    JULY - AUGUST 2020



    9am-11am EDT


    12pm-2pm EDT


    3pm-5pm EDT


    6pm-8pm EDT


    12pm-2pm EDT






    2 July

    3 July

    4 July

    5 July

    6 July link

    Gerry George Singapore Management U

    7 July link

    Kathy Eisenhardt

    Stanford U

    8 July link

    Joe Mahoney

    U of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign

    9 July link
    Melissa Schilling New York U

    10 July link
    Gautam Ahuja Cornell U

    11  July

    12 July

    13 July link

    Torben Pedersen

    Bocconi U

    14 July link

    Mike Tushman

    Harvard U

    15 July link

    Don Hambrick

    Pennsylvania State U

    16 July link

    Dan Levinthal

    U of Pennsylvania

    17 July link

    Ed Zajac

    Northwestern U

    18 July

    19 July

    20 July link Henrich Greve INSEAD

    21 July link Rajshree Agarwal U of Maryland

    22 July link
    Joanne Oxley U of Toronto

    23 July link

    Anne Tsui

    U of Notre Dame & Arizona State U

    24 July link
    Margarethe Wiersema U of California, Irvine

    25 July

    26 July

    27 July link

    Will Mitchell

    U of Toronto

    28 July link

    Ruth Aguilera

    Northeastern U

    29 July link

    Ming-Jer Chen

    U of Virginia

    30 July link

    Nandini Rajagopalan

    U of Southern California

    31 July link

    Jay Barney

    U of Utah

    1 Aug

    2 July

    3 Aug link

    Richard Whittington

    U of Oxford

    4 Aug link

    Costas Markides

    London Business School

    5 Aug link

    Harbir Singh

    U of Pennsylvania

    6 Aug link

    Anita McGahan

    U of Toronto

    7 Aug

    AOM Annual Conference begins

    8 Aug

    For more STR events and news, please visit http://strdiv.org/ and follow us via Instagram or Twitter @AOM_STR.

    Paolo Aversa
    Associate Professor of Strategy
    Cass Business School, City, University of London

    STR Communications Director