#STRongerTogether: Emerging issues on corporate governance and strategic leadership

When:  Apr 21, 2021 from 19:30 to 21:00 (ET)
Associated with  Strategic Management (STR)

Please join us in a virtual symposium on emerging issues about corporate governance and strategic leadership. Our panelists include Guoli Chen, Cindy Devers, Maria Goranova, Raji Kunapuli, Jim Westphal, and Ed Zajac. Christy Shropshire will be our discussant. Raji and Jim will explain how agents symbolically manage participative strategic decision-making. Cindy will discuss how diversity-valuing institutional investors shape female representation in the upper echelons and Guoli will explain how diversity in the board influence firm inventions through a process of diversity cascades. Maria and Ed will present a new theory about principle (vs. agent) costs.


Event Organizers

Razvan Lungeanu, Northeastern University

David Zhu, Arizona State University


Event Date and Time

April 21st, 2021

Start Time: 7:30pm Eastern time

End Time: 9:00pm Eastern time


Event Title: Emerging issues on corporate governance and strategic leadership



Guoli Chen, INSEAD

Cynthia Devers, Texas A&M University

Raji Kunapuli, University of Michigan

Edward Zajac, Northwestern University



Christine Shropshire, Arizona State University


Paper titles and authors


Seeking Input when the Train has Left the Station: The Symbolic Management of Participative Strategic Decision Making

Raji Kunapuli, University of Michigan

James Westphal, University of Michigan


Paying Attention at Last? How Diversity-Valuing Institutional Ownership Relates to Female Representation in the Upper Echelons

Cynthia E. Devers, Texas A&M University


Diversity Cascades: How Boards Influence Invention Output

Guoli Chen, INSEAD

Po-Hsuan Hsu, National Tsing Hua University

Yen Teik Lee, National University of Singapore

Daniel Mack, Singapore Management University


When the Principal is the Problem: Toward a Framework of Principal Costs

Maria L Goranova, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Edward J. Zajac, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University